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Bebe Cool distances himself from Museveni’s 1M Bazzukulu Match



By Nila Faisal

Bebe Cool will not be the “Chief Walker” at an event dubbed “Museveni’s 1M Bazzukulu Match” and neither does he approve of it.
The Gagamel Boss has taken to Facebook to set the record straight that he is not taking part in the event, adding that whoever came up with it has malicious intentions to tarnish both the NRM party and his brand.
According to a poster that has been making rounds on social media, the event will take place on September 27, from the NRM Secretariat to Kololo.

Bebe Cool forced off stage at Swangz All Star concert

Security escorts Bebe Cool off stage.

Morning to all my music fans and NRM supporters,i would like to inform you that i don’t know this activity and am not part of it.
Whoever came up with this artwork/Propaganda had very bad intention for my name/brand come this date.
The intention is that come this date,there won’t be people since no one is organising it, so they can now do their propaganda that the NRM has no BAZUKULU/SUPPORT. 
BUT,thank you for the great idea. I always tell my friends not all bad is bad,always look for something good in the bad and never ignore the fact that there is always something bad in every good.
Well,whoever did this could have just given the LION it’s meat. Watch the space.” Bebe Cool ranted.

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