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BB Naija: JayPaul and Jackie B evicted from the show



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Jaypaul and Jackie B evicted from the showBy Our Reporter

After an intense week of mind games, romantic gestures, several kisses and extreme parties, as always, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu took on Big Brother’s stage for the seventh live show of the season, and he came bearing bad news for two housemates. Jaypaul and Jackie B bowed out of the house in one of the calmest eviction shows of the season.

The housemates nominated Saga, Emmanuel, Pere, Jackie B, WhiteMoney, Liquorose, Saskay and JayPaul during a one-of-a-kind nomination session last Monday, which saw Big Brother giving the nominated housemates a chance to save themselves by either winning the Head of House (HoH) challenge or coming in second. The HoH would automatically receive immunity, while the first-runner-up would have veto power. Emmanuel became the HoH, while Pere received the veto power and replaced himself with Queen.

During the Sunday Live Show, Jaypaul was the first housemate to get evicted from the house. Saskay had a relatively calm reaction to his exit, considering that he had gone above and beyond to prove how much he liked her earlier in the week. But, this was expected as she was also up for eviction and didn’t yet know her fate. But, JayPaul left on a high note, telling Ebuka that he had no complaints since he didn’t even expect to make it into the seventh week.

Answering the ‘what next question’, JayPaul said, “Definitely, I’ll be going after lots of TV shows. I’ll drop a body of work, my music as well. And then, lots of films. I want to be a pioneer for mobile cinematography in Nigeria, so I’ll go back to film school as well. Lots of stuff. I just want to be everywhere for entertainment, you understand.”

Next, Ebuka asked Jackie B to leave the house as she had been evicted. Gracing the other housemates with a big smile, she turned to hug each of them before making her way to the exit. She told Ebuka that she was happy leaving the house because everything that happened was perfectly orchestrated by God. She admitted that she liked Michael enough to pursue a relationship with him, but she had mentally ‘daddy-zoned’ WhiteMoney.

Telling Ebuka her plans for the future, the mother of one said, “I’m just ready to be out there and explore. Try so many new things. I explored acting. I’m going to try that out. I’m ready to start planning events or at least more events – that’s my passion. Get that schmoney”.

As always, Ebuka left the housemates with some words of advice after the evictions. “Remember, this is your journey. Own it. Nobody should define your narrative for you. It’s your story to tell. Remember, burger no fit tell Eba how Egusi soup be. So make sure you enjoy yourself.”

There are now 11 housemates left vying for the grand prize.

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