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By Ian Nkera Ford

Ladies and gentlemen rivalry brought to the forefront again. Am I talking about the bar brawls? The endless squabbles at concerts? Well, you thought wrong. Actually far from it.

In a battle of supremacy, egos and musical prowess, the Battle Of Champions returns again to pit rivallling artistes together on the same stage to showcase their talent and derive bragging rights. Last year a memorable showdown was between the Fire Base Executive Bobi Wine and Gagamel hotshot Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool seemingly won that showdown.

So, this time we shall have the Kokodiosis hit maker Bebe Cool doing the unthinkable to share a stage with long time foes BET award nominees Radio and Weasel on the 6th December 2013.

Their fall out goes back to as early as 2008 when the duo released that provocative chartbuster Zuena.The two camps have never seen eye to eye and on the 6th December, the beef will be renewed and the argument on who is better musically will be buried that day.

Bebe Cool claims that 200m from the organisers would have to be put his way to move a bone to Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. I can’t wait for this one, guess you too.

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