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Barbie Kyagulanyi’s brother completes Masters Degree program in Abu Dhabi



Brabie Kyagulanyi and her brother Rubahamya Baron

Barbie Kyagulanyi’s young brother, Rubahamya Baron, hasĀ completed his Masters Degree program in Abu Dhabi.

Rubahamya was pursuing a Masters Degree in Chemical EngineeringĀ at the Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi.

According to Barbie, he graduated top of his class early this week.

“He is the best Chemical engineer The Petroleum institute of Abu Dhabi produced 2016. Today, he gets to officially receive his Masters degree,” she posted online on Tuesday. “I knew my brother would take his long legs and full time smile to the UAE and bring home the best Mark in his class.”

She further advised him to return and practice at home. “We need those brains in our country. The drilling of our oil reserves just started. This nation needs young home grown products like you to bring the expertise,” she added.

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