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Bad Black runs to Pretty Glo’s aid following phone theft scandal



By Staff Writer

People may call her all kinds of names but ex-con Bad Black is a people person. After getting wind of the news that faded singer Prety Glo real names Gloria Ingabire was caught in a phone theft scandal at Ham Towers, the socialite has come to her aid.

According to sources, Pretty Glow who is known for songs like
Tebatusobola, Ndyeno and Maali was caught red handed trying to steal a phone. Quizzed how a former big celeb would go this low, she said that her child was sick and she was fending for her.

Turns out Glo who is allegedly addicted to drug use now was abandoned by her baby daddy and also faded musician, Qute Kaye who was caught in similar circumstances last year trying to steal a car part from a Toyota Harrier.

A philanthropic Black has asked anyone who knows Pretty Glo’s contacts to get in touch with her so that she can give her support.

“I want to help this lady Pretty Glo. We have all been through bad things, but what she is going through is very tough and she needs someone to be there for her,” Black said.

“I will help her and her sick child, but Ugandan girls need to get out of this country and work. You need to go out there and make ends meet. You cannot end up like thieves and even get killed,” Black added.

Pretty Glo who hails from Rwanda had retired to her country last year before she decided to come back and revive her music career only to end up in a bigger ditch career wise.

We will keep you posted.

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