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Bad Black Money: Promoter Balaam to arrange payment



By Staff Writer

Socialite Bad Black is one who doesn’t mince her words especially when it comes to issues if her money.

The socialite who took part in the Tonsemberera campaign commissioned by Precision Media on behalf of Ministry of health has been busy on the internet in the past couple of days. She was throwing tantrums left right and centre for failure to get payment for the advert she did.

The ad which was supposed to sensitisatize young women about the dangers of Coronavirus has been running on all media. However, Bad Black the model in the ad says she was not paid and has been demanding 500 million shillings from government.

The agency that worked with her, Precision came out and clarified that the advert was supposed to be probono as her contribution to the fight against COVID19. However Black disagreed and asked to be paid.

Today the socialite and mother of 2 managed to get an audience with promoter Balaam owner of Radio 4 and NRM mobilizer.

Black together with her lawyers and Balaam signed an MoU calling for a ceasefire from Black and promised her an audience with the President of the nation.

Black who welcomed the idea seemed very happy and hopeful that her issue will finally be sorted.

Speaking about the meeting Black who has promised to stop supporting the NRM party and cross over to Bobi Wine’s people power said that she is prepared to talk to the president and also bring to light the plight of prostitutes in Uganda. Key to note however is that prostitution is illegal in Uganda.

We will keep you updated.

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