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Atim Daniella screwing in-law Weasel to dot, starts campaign against his domestic violence



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By BigEyeUg Team

Atim Daniella continues to passionately draw more concern about former Rwanda Miss Universities Sandra Teta who was reportedly physically assaulted by lover Weasel Manizo.

Daniella, wife to singer Jose Chameleone’s efforts started last week via her Instagram account after learning that her in-law Weasel had battered his baby Mama Sandra to pulp.

She also shared a miserable photo sent to her by different people in Uganda, revealing Sandra’s face damaged after the assault inflicted to her by Weasel.

Because of her unruly emotions by the time, Daniella refrained from sharing her opinion regarding the matter as demanded by her followers.

Yes I saw this, different people sent me this and want my opinion. ..,I will tell you what I think when I am no longer upset ,I have learnt to hold my tongue when am angry .For now let’s all gather here and give good advice to,” Atim Daniella stated.

She went ahead and shared a Sandra’s old photos revealing a series of events rooting from December 2021 where she has been domestically violented by husband Weasel Manizo.

Daniella, who relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota – USA in 2019, later condemned her husband Jose Chameleone for taking Sandra at a night hangout place, guising her to be in a fine physical and mental state.

Last night tata Abba video called me, he had Sandra “mu lusegere”.i asked him why he is taking around a woman flooded with make up instead of allowing her time away from all the noise to process and rethink her life .He said “mama Abba Sandra tayina tabu”.All this while Sandra constantly wore a Big Bright Sad smile. I asked him if he is truely taking Sandra out for “fresh air” like he said or just pawning her on Weasel’s behalf? I told him I will not give them breathing space ….pressure after pressure.

As of now, Daniella has flagged off a campaign “Let’s put an end to Weasel’s Domestic Violence” to see her vows of aiding the long-suffering Sandra Teta’s life joy and peace revived.

Daniella has rallied the public to join the online campaign curbing domestic violence on Sandra Teta and the next girls’ generation behalf.

Did we say Pressure after Pressure? Let’s decorate our walls on behalf of all Sandras. Let’s get justice for our girls and set standards for the next generation of husbands and fathers,” Daniella wrote.

Various voices especially those belonging to celebrity women have instantly joined the campaign, condemning Weasel’s act on his baby mama.

Among the female celebrities include; Sheilah Gashumba, Mama Ghetto, Hellen Lukoma, Cindy Sanyu, among others.

It should also be noted that for years now, Atim Daniella has been hard on in-law Weasel for his endless assault on his baby mamas.

We shall keep you posted

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