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Anne Kansiime selected for the 2014 BBC 100 Women project.




By Isaac Mites

We are proud to reveal that the just concluded BBC draws have seen our very own queen of African comedy Anne Kansiime as one of the selected women for the BBC 100 Women project.

The project registers women of substance across the globe including artistes, writers, comedians, politicians, activists and those who impact lives in one way or another.

According to BBC, “They hail from all over the world, and from walks of life. They do all kinds of things: they make music, save lives, raise children, run businesses, write, preach, act and tell jokes. They campaign for their causes and strive for a better world for themselves and their families. On Friday 25 October they are coming together at the BBC’s London headquarters, Broadcasting House, for a unique day of debate and discussion. We’ll ask them to tell us where they think the world’s women are today, and to set out their goals for the future. You’ll be able to follow every development on BBC TV, radio and online.”

The minute stress cure Anne Kansiime will feature in various activities organized by the BBC including BBC Focus on Africa, BBC World Service, BBC Radio, Blogs and more and this was further confirmed by her manager Johnson Mujungu, the CEO Grajoh Talent Management/Public Relations.

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