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Andrew Mwenda on Loss of Mother: “I feel Empty and Lost”



By Staff Writer

It has been a sad week as one of Uganda’s best journalists, Andrew Mwenda laid his mother to rest.

While eulogizing his mother at All Saints Church, Mwenda described her as the most beautiful chic that ever lived. But one could not help but see the pain in his statements.

At 12 noon, Adyeeri Constance Muhangazima, was laid to rest in the great village of Kanyandahi.

Andrew Mwenda then took to Twitter to express his current pain and depression. He called it the biggest blow ever. He talked of feeling all lost and alone.

We can only pray for the best of comforting to the old man of the clan. Losing a mother is surely the hardest thing that ever happens to anyone in life. There is no hole deeper. It is a hole that cuts through a soul.

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