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AK47 to beseech his brother Jose Chameleone to take him back.



Leone Island break away artiste, and brother to Jose Chameleone, AK47 also known as Akay could be well on his way to returning to his former master. This news follows developments from his Team No Sleep camp where his music collaboration with Bakri failed to yield good results.

Bakri Akay

According to reports, Akay was accusing Bakri for not being interested in music as he had thought him to be. “You see, when Jeff Kiwa was fired by Radio and Weasel, he wanted to form another quick duo and Bakri seemed to match with Akay. But trouble came when they started singing, Bakri was not a dedicated as they had thought him to be. He used to chop studio sessions and most recently his parents asked him to go back to school and also create time for their family shop. Definitely the two couldn’t work together,” said a source who has been watching Bakri and Akay closely.

The disagreements between the two have seen Akay doing four songs without Bakri. He even featured Gravity Omutujju in one of the songs. This was a clear indication that the working affair between Bakri and Akay had failed.

News on our desk indicates that Ak47 could actually go back to his brother and beg him to rejoin Leone Island. He says that he realized that Bakri is not as good as he thought at first, and that this whole team thing was set up to make Bakri more popular.

Whether Chameleone will accept his brother back or not, we are yet to see.

We will keep you posted.

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