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AIESEC in Uganda to send 10 university students on study exchange programme



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AIESEC in Uganda has today announced a new exchange programme project under which 10 Ugandans have been selected to study in Norway and Ethiopia for six months.

Under the 2014/15 AIESEC exchange programme, the company is offering 10 university employment opportunities to Ugandans in work fields including; a project in entrepreneurship to be undertaken in Ethiopia, Information Technology and marketing to be undertaken in Norway.

According to the AIESEC in Uganda-FK Manager, Mr Bernard Ochieng, more than 100 applications were received from university students this year, from which the best 10 candidates were selected for the programme.

“Through our networks and associations with the seven universities which include; Kyambogo, MUK, MUBS, UCU, Ndejje, MUST, and Nkozi, we received more than 100 applications for the exchange programme from whom we selected 10 best candidates based on their ability to adopt to new environments, creativity, teamwork, flexibility, passion, open mindedness and quick learning skills,” Mr Ochieng said, adding that, “The 10 beneficiaries will be exchanged with 10 students from Ethiopia and Norway who will also learn similar projects at Ugandan universities, starting from January 4th 2015 to June 2015.”

The programme is fully managed by Fredskorpset (FK) Company in Norway in an effort aimed at promoting cross-border alliances for development and peace formulation purposes.

Last year, AIESEC in Uganda partnered with Fredskorpset Company and sent four Ugandan students on a six-month exchange programme in Norway.

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