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Aganaga, Manager Roger exchange blows after Aganaga confiscates Spice Diana’s Flash Disk



A fist fight errupted last night at Wave Lounge between Spice Diana’s manager and Singet Aganaga. It all started at club Amnesia where both Roger and Aganaga had a verbal war in the DJ’s box after Aganaga refused the DJ to play Spice Diana’s music.

According to Aganaga, Roger accused him of reaping from Fresh Daddy, an upcoming singer under Aganaga’s guidance.

According to onlookera, Manager Roger stepped into the DJ’s box to have his music played and it is at this moment that Aganaga interrupted requesting his artiste Fresh Daddy be played first something Roger did not perceive well. Aganaga is said to have confiscated his flash disk and its at this point that security intervined.

Aganaga and Roger were later handed over to police where they are recording statements.

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