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African leaders challenged to prioritise future of the continent



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UBA Group Chairman and Founder Tony Elumelu delivers key note  address on The Leadership Needed to Catalyse Africa’s Transformation at the 2019 Africa Now Summit.

UBA Group Chairman and Founder Tony Elumelu delivers key note address on The Leadership Needed to Catalyse Africa’s Transformation at the 2019 Africa Now Summit.

By Our Reporter

At the inaugural Africa Now Conference held in Kampala, Tony Elumelu, Founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation and Chairman, Heirs Holdings and the United Bank for Africa, challenged African leaders to prioritise the future of the African continent.

Giving the keynote address, entitled “The Leadership Needed to Catalyse Africa’s Transformation”, to an audience of public and private sector leaders on Tuesday, March 12 and introduced as Africa’s leading proponent of entrepreneurship, Elumelu offered a robust and direct message to African leaders from the public and private sectors.

“The leaders we need in Africa today, are leaders who genuinely care about humanity. We need leaders who are driven by an ambition to leave society better than they met it. We need leaders who understand and care about creating a positive legacy. We need leaders who are genuinely committed and care about the future of Africa,” Elumelu said.

Hosted by the President of Uganda, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the Africa Now Conference, an initiative of the Africa Strategic Leadership Centre, gathered Heads of State, public and private sector leaders to discuss and develop growth opportunities for the continent.

In his speech, President Museveni outlined key enablers required to empower the African people and transform the continent. “With independence, although a lot of time was lost with military governments engaged in primitive fascism, nevertheless, many African governments have correctly identified two crucial stimuli that can catalyse social transformation. These are education and health for all (human resource development) and private sector-led growth”.

Commending President Museveni on the achievements of his country, Elumelu also emphasised the need for public-private sector collaboration to drive sustainable development, encapsulated in his economic philosophy, Africapitalism.

“Leadership should not be about directing blame, leadership is not about absolving responsibility. Leadership is the catalyst for positive change. We need to take collective responsibility for our own future – as I have often said, no one is going to do it but ourselves – whether we are in the public or private sectors. This is the philosophy of Africapitalism, which is a call on the private sector to play its role, the leading role in securing our continent’s destiny – and achieving it by creating both social and economic wealth.”

“We have a role to play and we need to play this role by investing and managing, so we can create employment, create prosperity in a manner that will help to address many of the problems we have in the society today,” he added.

Speaking on the concept of shared prosperity, Elumelu stated that the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Programme was a robust mechanism to empower Africa’s entrepreneurs, with the goal of delivering efficiently and effectively wealth creation directly into local communities. Reiterating the importance of entrepreneurship in unleashing the continent’s true potential, Elumelu concluded by making a call to partners, charging private sector leaders to focus on inclusive wealth.

“As private sector leaders, we realise that, if the wealth we have is not inclusive, if the prosperity we have is just for family and self, it will not help us create the society we need,” he concluded.

The Tony Elumelu foundation has funded over 300 entrepreneurs in Ugandans since inception. The entrepreneurs each received USD 5000 as seed capital for their businesses and continue to be supported by United Bank for Africa(UBA). UBA offers banking service across Uganda though diverse channels including ATMs, point of sale machines, Mobile banking, internet banking and agent banking.

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2019 Consumers Choice Award winners announced, top brands shine again



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By Reporter

To honour companies and individuals who go that extra distance for their customers and also make sure they get the recognition they so richly deserve. The Consumers Choice Awards (CCA) for 2019 were held last evening (29th November, 2019) at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel Conference Hall and here is the complete list of all winners.

Consumers Choice Award is the only organization in Uganda that recognizes business excellence by conducting statistically a comprehensive and objective independent market research survey, to determine brand reputation, customer satisfaction and business excellence for the quality of their service.

Each year, the Consumers Guide Magazine recognizes the best companies for their earnest efforts in business excellence and keeping the customer’s best interests in mind and the exciting selection process and the announcement of finalists culminates in the Consumers Choice Awards Dinner.

Below is the List of Consumers Choice Awards Winners 2019:


Freight Forwarding & Logistics Handling Services Company -– Spedag Interfreight UG ltd

Distributors & Dealers of Tyres & Tubes – Tyre Express

Microfinance institution – FINCA

Real Estate Consultants – Begeine and Company

Private University – Cavendish University

Manufacturers of paints and varnishes – Sadolin

Providers of Security Solutions and services – KK Security Company

Private Health Care Service Provider – Paragon Hospital Kampala

Provider of Quality Optical & Eye Care Services – Dr Agawals Eye Hospital

Dealers in Furniture, Fitting & General Furnishing – Footsteps Furniture Co. Ltd

Cooking Gas Distributer – Imperial Gas

Bottled Water – Hill Water

Tile Manufacturers – Mirage Trading Company Ltd

Online Store – Ugakart

Dental Treatment and Solution Center – Cure o City

Cooking Oil – Fortune

Producer of Milks and Dairy Products – JESA Farm Diary Ltd

Washing Detergent Powder – NOMI White Washing Pwder

Energy Drinks – Sting

Women and Fertility Hospital – Bethany Women’s hospital


Freight Forwarding & Logistics Handling Services Company- Ballore Transport and Logistics

Distributors & Dealers of Tyres & Tubes – City Tyres

Microfinance Institution – Pride Microfinance

Courier Services Company – DHL

Real Estate Consultants – Knight Frank

Private University – International University of East Africa

Kindergarten, Daycare, Nursery & Play School – Victorious Kindergarten Services

Manufacturers of Paints &Varnishes – PLASCON

Providers of Security Solutions & Services – SGA Security

Private Health Care Service Provider – Case Hospital

Provider of Cleaning services – A&M Execuive Cleaning Services

Provider of Garbage Collector Company – BIN IT Services Ltd

Provider of Quality Optical & Eye Care Services – Eye Care Center

Dealers in Furniture, Fitting & General Furnishing – DANUBE Home

Providers of Solar Energy, Equipment’s & Accessories – Solar Now

Cooking Gas Distributor – TOTAL Gas and Power

Dealers of Electrical Appliances, Accessories & Fittings – CHNT Kampala Electric mart

Bottled Water – Rwenzori Pure Natural Mineral Water

Tile Manufacturers – Kampala Tile Market

Snack Manufacturers & Brand – Gorillos

Online Store – JUMIA

Dental Treatment & Solution Center – PAN Dental Surgery

Poultry & Animal Feeds – Conversion Feeds Ltd

Cooking Oil – SUNSEED

Producer of Milk & Dairy Products – Fresh Diary

Washing Detergent Powder – Magic

Energy Drinks – Rock Boom

Women & Fertility Hospital – Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Center

Shopping Supermarket – Mega Standard Supermarket

Meat Processor Company – Fresh Cuts

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Nile Special Stout now Rugby Sponsors



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By Reporter

With the Rugby Premier League kicking off today Friday 29 November with the first night game between the first and second clubs, we learned that the league has a new sponsor in the all new Nile Special Stout. 

At a press briefing Thursday at the Kyadondo Rugby Club, the new Stout from Nile Breweries unveiled a mouth-watering UGX670M sponsorship package.

Speaking at the launch of the league, the president Uganda Rugby Union Godwin Kayangwe saluted Nile Breweries as solid partners and investors in the development of the game in Uganda given their decade-long partnership.

“We wholeheartedly welcome Nile Special Stout as the title sponsor of the League and are privileged that rugby has been selected as the anchor sponsorship. This is testament to the growth of the game as an entertaining spectacle. And while we will always have a special place for Nile Special, we will embrace Nile Special Stout on this new journey as we’ve launched our new ambitious strategy to make rugby the leading sport in the country. Thank you Nile Breweries for truly living the line “Number one fan of Uganda Rugby” and we pledge to give Nile Special Stout a great landing as it’s launched to the rest of the country,” said Mr. Kayangwe.

The Nile Special Stout brand manager Francis Nyende affirmed that even though the sponsorship has changed hands to the new brand, Nile Special Stout, the commitment to partnering rugby is as high as it’s ever been.

“Rugby is much more than a game. It’s a lifestyle, a livelihood for some, an entertainment for many and a proud flag bearer of our country. As a bold, dark and satisfying liquid, we share certain intrinsic values with rugby players and fans and as the first and only stout crafted in Uganda, Nile Special Stout is proud to partner with such a great property that consistently flies our flag high and proud.” said Francis.

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Exim Bank launches Prepaid Cards



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Exim bank introduces Prepaid Cards.

By Our Reporter

Exim Bank has launched a new banking solution aimed at driving financial inclusion and bolstering the cashless economy. The new product, a Visa Prepaid Card, was unveiled on Friday during a launch ceremony held at their head offices along Hannington road in Kampala.

Addressing guests, Mr. Sabhapathy T. Krishnan, the CEO Exim Bank Uganda said, “the Visa Prepaid Card is a journey we have undertaken at Exim Bak today as we strive to bring convenience and digitize the Ugandan economy by making it cashless and enabling financial inclusion of the unbanked.”

He further revealed that the prepaid card is just one of the many steps they have undertaken in the last 12 months towards digitization of transactions and bringing convenience to their customers.

“We have expanded our branch network, launched agency banking and also introduced mobile and internet banking in the past one.This is in a bid to bring experiences available in other parts of the world to our customers.” Mr. Sabhapathy added.

Prepaid Cards combine the convenience of a credit or debit card, but allow you to set your spending limit according to your budget. The cards are available to everyone, regardless of credit rating, income, or whether or not you hold an EXIM Bank account.

The payment platform for the cards will be the Visa network and transactions will be authorized online, real time with no risk of unauthorized overdraft as customer can only make use of funds they have already paid for.

The card can be used to transact globally and supports transactions in upto five currencies including UGX and USD with the card ceiling being UGX 25 Million or USD 15,000.

Moses Watasa, the commissioner of information dissemination monitoring and inspection at the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, who was also guest of honor commended Exim Bank on the innovation and noted that it will go a long way in encouraging financial discipline.

“We have 6.5 million internet users in Uganda today, and that figure is projected to grow by 50% by 2025. Therefore the launch of this innovation is very timely,” Moses Watasa noted, adding that, “this is a good innovation that will promote financial discipline and facilitate a saving culture with in the country. Saving encourages investment which in turn leads to growth of the economy.”

To register for the Prepaid Card, the customer is required to complete an Application Form and provide a valid National ID for Ugandan Citizens/Passport for foreigners as well as one passport size photo.

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