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70% of Ugandan Bars and Night Clubs Are Unaccredited By NCHE




By Ian Ortega

Your number one source of news in Uganda aka BigEye.ug has learned that 70% of Ugandan bars, night clubs and other hang outs are unaccredited by the National Council For Higher Entertainment (NCHE). According to the report from the Auditor General of Entertainment, Moses Muwanga, most of these bars and night clubs are offering illegal and sub-standard entertainment.

Some of the bars and night clubs that are unaccredited are found in Kyambogo, Kikoni and many other Kampala Suburbs. The NCHE confirmed that many of these bars don’t want to apply for accreditation yet they continue to exist, boring revelers with tired themes. Some of these bars and night clubs also allow in unaccredited ladies.

By Unaccredited ladies, the NCHE means ladies who will never look beautiful and sexy despite a man downing many a drink. These ladies don’t even have curves and big buns worth dubbing according to the NCHE.

However NCHE spokesperson, Natasha Komugisha thanked those clubs that took the extra effort to get accredited. These include clubs such as Venom, Amnesia, Ambience, Asylum, Guvnor, Panamera, Gatto Matto and many others. These are some of the few clubs and night hangouts that are accredited by NCHE.

Responding to claims of his bar not being credited, the owner of Twilight in Kyambogo was shocked. “You see it takes long to get accredited, the process is stressing, you have to put in a lot of money, you have to import beautiful waitresses from Rwanda since we can not get any from Banda, and coupled with all this, we just choose to continue giving entertainment without accreditation.”

BigEye.ug will release a full list of those bars and night clubs which are accredited and those which are not. Speaking to BigEye.ug, the Minister in Charge of Entertainment, Deejay Gero Karuhunger said; “it’s shocking that many bars in the city centre are not accredited, if a bar in the city is not accredited, then the situation should even be worse in areas like Mukono, Mbarara, Masaka and other districts.”

NCHE says it will now begin cracking down on those unaccredited bars and clubs with the help of the BigEye.ug media hype. Well, hoping they don’t crack down on Brian’s kafunda pub in Kikoni because we are certain, it’s not accredited. No way!

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