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7 Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Get A Guy’s Attention



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Some women do not know the techniques of seducing men and try to show some fake techniques that most men can not stand. These are some of the things you should never do if you intend to draw the attention of the guy you want.

Changing your tone of voice: “There are many women that when they try to flirt with a man, unconsciously change their voice, ladies, that can be done when talking lovingly to a baby or your pet, but men hate that and also, if he comes to like it, will you keep talking like this the rest of your life?”

Exaggerated makeup: “When you stay with your guy, you do not need to paint yourself like a door, do not waste your time as with a little moisturizer or a natural base surely he will like you the same way”.

Fake hair: “One of the things that men can least notice is hair extensions, maybe occasionally or for a special event you decide to get some, but if he accidentally touches it and discovers that is not what it seems, probably will run”.

Pretending to be something you’re not: “Some women spend their money on a dress or a bag just to meet the guy they like, or go for dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town, boasting of being habitual, and when they arrive there do not even know where the bathroom is located; don’t pretend to be something you’re not, because sooner or later he will end up realizing it and you will end up terrible”.

Dressing provocatively: “Sensuality and good taste lie in the clothes that insinuate without showing too much, do not try to look like a bombshell girl in front of him, first, because the other men will look at you too often, and second because you will not leave anything to the imagination”.

Pretending to be silly: “It is not yet known why, but many girls take the role of silly in front of a guy they like, of course, often girls get a little nervous and sometimes mess up, but those brainless girls men just want them for other things than having a relationship”.

Being late: “Some women think that they might give a touch of suspense if they make a guy wait for a while when they have a date but that is a mistake, the only thing you will get is that he gets tired of waiting and leaves without saying goodbye”.

Source: Greennews.ng

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