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60% of Ugandan Girls Say They Find The Male Odour Sexy



By Staff Writer

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Although it is now abnormal for someone not to use deodrant, Ugandan Girls are saying otherwise.

According to a research done across a cross-section of Ugandan girls aged 20 to 30, most found the male odour attractive.

The research conducted by Global Trends, a social research firm in Australia, Ugandan female millenials are getting turned on by the male odour.

The research was aimed to observing changing social trends among Ugandan millenials and drivers of these trends.

Turns out 65% are tuned to the male odour. The research question; “what do you think of male odour?” had them answer; “it is sexy, it turns me on, it feels like you are talking to a real man.”

Well Team No Shower has been vindicated; Ziza Bafana and Yung Mulo huh

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