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5 Good Things About Being Single





When you finally reach a stage in a break-up where the worst sadness is over you suddenly realise: yes, you’re single again. With these five tips you will be loving the time you are single again. You never know how long it will take before you’ll meet your prince.

1. Flirting, how did you do that?
While in the queue in the supermarket, you see that cute guy at the office and guess what you’re allowed to flirt again. But it might have been a long time since you have done this and you might have forgotten what the game is all about. After a long term relationship, you might feel insecure to step out of your comfort zone and flirt again. You could start slowly by making eye contact and give him a little smile. It also good to go out clubbing with friends who flirt as well, the strange feeling will disappear after a short while.

2. Rediscover yourself
Take time to appreciate and remember ‘YOU’ as if you are the only thing that you need to worry about, be loyal to yourself and enjoy the space in your head. Your apartment may seem quite large without him around and in your diary there are now only appointments based on you. But what if all this seems quite empty and you don’t seem to get used to it very easily. It is important that you try things and be aware of what you want and what do you think? At the end of the day, you could write down what was fun about that day and what gave you strength. This will help you rediscover what’s important for you.

3. Solo traveling
When you’re single and travelling alone, you are the one in charge and you’ll easily meet new people because you are approachable. Read some books to get in the mood and just go. Book a ticket and never listen to that little voice that tells you travelling alone is scary. Traveling solo could be the most enriching present one could give to yourself.

4. Successful date
Dating could be very entertaining, even when you know you are never growing old together. But how do you set up a first date? Flirting could be one way you go about doing this. It helps you to stay focussed on your date, stay positive and keep it light. Surprised that the date didn’t work out the way you wanted it? You might have been focussing too much on yourself instead of on your date. This probably made you miss a lot of signals from his side.

5. First time fun
Exciting first-time-sex with your new lover. How do you make it perfect? It is important you are 100% sure of what you are doing. Your new lover could be even more nervous than you are. Instead of satisfying in his needs you could ask yourself what does this mean for me? Sex is not supposed to something to be measured on so it’s important to let go of all the insecurities. His biggest accomplishment is to see you enjoying it.
So let these tips guide you, love yourself and enjoy being single.

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