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10 Crazy Facts About Golola Moses




Moses Golola of Uganda

Moses Golola of Uganda

As I write this, ten women are already pregnant because of reading “Golola” in the title above. When you talk about Golola, what comes to people’s minds is ‘ohh that windbag!’ But hey, Golola is one rare Ugandan you will ever come across in this generation. From hanging his clothes on electricity wires to tearing facebook pages, let me list down ten crazy facts about Golola Moses.


1. At the age of 2 years, Golola was beaten by some primary kids around his neighbourhood and cried. That is how ‘Akayanja Ka Kabaka(Kabaka’s Lake)’ was formed. Any other information leading to its formation, regard it false.


2. Earlier this year during one of his training sessions, he visited “Kitagata Hot Springs” in Bushenyi, a phenomenal tourist site. Ever since his visit, ‘Kitagata Hot Springs’ are now called ‘Kitagata Cold Springs’.


3. When Golola was in P.3, he wrote a letter to his teacher of English warning him of excess homework. To date, that letter is now known as the ‘Sejjusa Letter’ that the government is looking for tirelessly.


4. He, who laughs last, laughs best. But he who laughs at Golola Moses dies. Dare not to try laughing at him.


5. Did you know that Golola Moses is the reason why Joseph Kony and his clique are still hiding? Now you know!


6. The war between the Lord’s Resistance Army and Ugandan government ended when President Museveni threatened to use Golola Moses.


7. Last year, PAM Awards committees thought of holding music awards again and give Golola Moses an accolade for listening to his own song.


8. At an age of 12years, Golola Moses taught a young girl a few magic tricks. To date, that girl has grown to be known as “Mama Fina.”


9. In 1999, Golola said that “I’m so hungry, I could eat two elephants.” Days later, Queen Elizabeth National Park keepers reported two missing elephants. Coincidence, No!


10. On regular, a local food catering Service Company prepares food for Golola Moses. Nothing remains in the dishes.



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