Geoffrey Mulwana, The Executive Director, Jesa Farm Dairy handing over cartons of Jesa Milk to the Uganda Cancer society
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  • JESA Farm Dairy partners with Uganda Cancer Society

    / February 15, 2017

    Cancer is a growing epidemic with 8.2million people dying globally every year due to the disease. This is epidemic is growing faster in developing countries.

    Every year Uganda Cancer Institute sees over 45,000 patients, 40% of them being children (18 years and below). They suffer from different kinds of cancer such us Leukemia, Bone Tumors, HIV associated cancers, etc.

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    However, approximately 70% of the cancers that children are faced with are curable especially if diagnosed early.

    There is only one paediatric center at Uganda Cancer Institute and only one Oncologist. This implies that many patients come from all over the country for treatment. The patients therefore need a lot of social support in terms of feeding, accommodation, for them to complete the 2-3 months treatment. Without support many children default on treatment and go back home.

    Jesa, a dairy farm, processor and distributor of a wide range of high quality dairy products, understands the importance of good nutrition among the children battling cancer and seeks through its Corporate Social Responsibility Division to provide support by giving JESA Milk to the children receiving treatment and care at Uganda Cancer Institute in Mulago.

    Nutrition is however very important for children battling different cancers because it is directly linked to all aspects of their treatment and recovery; factors which tie directly to their level of health and will help in their recovery

    The Uganda Cancer Society is an organization that constitutes a number of civil society organizations fighting cancer in Uganda. These organizations include Kawempe Home Care, Bless the child foundation and Cancer Pediatric Ward/Children’s Ward in Uganda Cancer Institute – Mulago.

    Handing over the cartons of Jesa Milk to the society, Geoffrey Mulwana, The Executive Director, Jesa Farm Dairy highlighted the company’s commitment and obligation towards supporting and providing the nutritional requirements of the children fighting cancer in Uganda.

    Geoffrey Mulwana, The Executive Director, Jesa Farm Dairy handing over cartons of Jesa Milk to the Uganda Cancer society

    “The 15th of February, 2017 is international Childhood Cancer Day. The theme this year is ‘Together for kids with Cancer’. Jesa Farm Dairy recognizes this day and joins together with the Uganda Cancer Society to help and calls upon other companies and organizations to join the fight against cancer in Uganda and support the Uganda Cancer Society.” He said.

    The company which is currently running a campaign dubbed Jesa “Full of Life” which seeks to emphasize the life affirming value of milk and dairy products. The company last year supported the Mwana Mujimu nutrition center at Mulago under the same campaign.

    “Jesa Milk and Dairy products are great sources of energy and protein; they contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals, which growing children and young people need to, grow healthy and strong and the contribution of Jesa Milk will form part of a healthy diet for the children under the care of the society and we will continue to contribute and support the Uganda Cancer Society.” He added.

    “Jesa has joined the fight by donating milk. Provision of milk is a good social support which will help in terms of feeding to allow children stay longer to get full treatment. We would like to appreciate Jesa for the Philanthropic act and ask other well-wishers to join in providing support for the fight against Cancer.” Dr. Guma Samuel – Vice President Uganda Cancer Society.

    Dr Guma thanked Jesa Farm Dairy for their support towards the nutrition and wellbeing of the children at the institute.

    He commended Jesa Milk as one of the critical and most required nutrients of a child’s growth and development and encouraged parents and caretakers of children to continuously provide their children with Jesa Milk and Dairy products for the growth and development of their children.

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