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JESA Farm Dairy partners with Uganda Cancer Society



Cancer is a growing epidemic with 8.2million people dying globally every year due to the disease. This is epidemic is growing faster in developing countries.

Every year Uganda Cancer Institute sees over 45,000 patients, 40% of them being children (18 years and below). They suffer from different kinds of cancer such us Leukemia, Bone Tumors, HIV associated cancers, etc.

However, approximately 70% of the cancers that children are faced with are curable especially if diagnosed early.

There is only one paediatric center at Uganda Cancer Institute and only one Oncologist. This implies that many patients come from all over the country for treatment. The patients therefore need a lot of social support in terms of feeding, accommodation, for them to complete the 2-3 months treatment. Without support many children default on treatment and go back home.

Jesa, a dairy farm, processor and distributor of a wide range of high quality dairy products, understands the importance of good nutrition among the children battling cancer and seeks through its Corporate Social Responsibility Division to provide support by giving JESA Milk to the children receiving treatment and care at Uganda Cancer Institute in Mulago.

Nutrition is however very important for children battling different cancers because it is directly linked to all aspects of their treatment and recovery; factors which tie directly to their level of health and will help in their recovery

The Uganda Cancer Society is an organization that constitutes a number of civil society organizations fighting cancer in Uganda. These organizations include Kawempe Home Care, Bless the child foundation and Cancer Pediatric Ward/Children’s Ward in Uganda Cancer Institute – Mulago.

Handing over the cartons of Jesa Milk to the society, Geoffrey Mulwana, The Executive Director, Jesa Farm Dairy highlighted the company’s commitment and obligation towards supporting and providing the nutritional requirements of the children fighting cancer in Uganda.

Geoffrey Mulwana, The Executive Director, Jesa Farm Dairy handing over cartons of Jesa Milk to the Uganda Cancer society

“The 15th of February, 2017 is international Childhood Cancer Day. The theme this year is ‘Together for kids with Cancer’. Jesa Farm Dairy recognizes this day and joins together with the Uganda Cancer Society to help and calls upon other companies and organizations to join the fight against cancer in Uganda and support the Uganda Cancer Society.” He said.

The company which is currently running a campaign dubbed Jesa “Full of Life” which seeks to emphasize the life affirming value of milk and dairy products. The company last year supported the Mwana Mujimu nutrition center at Mulago under the same campaign.

“Jesa Milk and Dairy products are great sources of energy and protein; they contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals, which growing children and young people need to, grow healthy and strong and the contribution of Jesa Milk will form part of a healthy diet for the children under the care of the society and we will continue to contribute and support the Uganda Cancer Society.” He added.

“Jesa has joined the fight by donating milk. Provision of milk is a good social support which will help in terms of feeding to allow children stay longer to get full treatment. We would like to appreciate Jesa for the Philanthropic act and ask other well-wishers to join in providing support for the fight against Cancer.” Dr. Guma Samuel – Vice President Uganda Cancer Society.

Dr Guma thanked Jesa Farm Dairy for their support towards the nutrition and wellbeing of the children at the institute.

He commended Jesa Milk as one of the critical and most required nutrients of a child’s growth and development and encouraged parents and caretakers of children to continuously provide their children with Jesa Milk and Dairy products for the growth and development of their children.

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  • MTN Shortz allows subscribers to post video content
  • There is an opportunity for content created to generate revenue
  • Video content of up to 10 minutes can be uploaded
  • To subscribe and upload, visit

MTN Uganda’s Snr Manager Digital, Susan Kayemba explaining how MTN Shortz works at The Square industrial area at the launch.

MTN Uganda in a continuous drive to become a digital company has today launched MTN Shortz, a short video streaming platform. MTN Shortz is a mobile-only service that allows subscribers to upload videos of no more than 10 minutes. MTN Shortz is available through mobile phones only on

The streaming service allows subscribers to directly post video content from their mobile devices.

“MTN is creating an opportunity for its subscribers to create video content and earn from it. As the leading tech brand in Africa, we are always looking for ways to use technology to provide services that uplift the quality of life in the markets where we operate and so MTN Shortz,” said Olivier Prentout, the Chief Marketing Officer.

MTN Shortz has several channels that subscribers can pick to upload content of their choice. It consists of channels belonging to different content owners, which users can access to view a variety of content. For subscribers to view the content on MTN Shortz, there is a daily charge of between Ugx200 and Ugx1000.

For a video viewed, the content owner will be able to earn some money from the visits.

“The MTN Shortz channels will have local content videos, meaning that for the Ugandan content producers, there is an opportunity for views and extra income. MTN believes that MTN Shortz will be able to drive local content video production,” Prentout notes.

Adding “There is also an opportunity for those that want to be seen by professional content creators. There are several professional content creators that will be using MTN Shortz and will be able to identify the untapped talent. You won’t have to wait for the opportunity to come to you, you can create it.”


For the MTN Pulse community, MTN Shortz is empowering the lifestyle of creating an opportunity. There are several platforms where people can post videos, however on MTN Shortz, the fact is that there is an opportunity to make money. The MTN Pulse community, there will be several exclusive offers in order to access and use MTN Shortz.

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Opportunity Bank rebrands




Mrs Winnie-Lawoko-Olwe, the acting Board Chairperson, Dr. Tumubweine Twinemanzi, the Executive Director-Supervision at Bank of Uganda, and Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha, the Opportunity Bank CEO, officially open Opportunity Bank’s new head office in Kamwokya.

Mrs Winnie-Lawoko-Olwe, the acting Board Chairperson Opportunity Bank, Dr. Tumubweine Twinemanzi, the Executive Director-Supervision at Bank of Uganda, and Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha, the Opportunity Bank CEO, officially open Opportunity Bank’s new head office in Kamwokya.

By Our Reporter

Opportunity Bank, a leading microfinance bank in Uganda, announced their new brand and officially unveiled their  new and improved Head Office in Kamwokya on Friday.

These changes will elevate Opportunity Bank’s focus on the ability to provide a strong customer experience and technology-led financial services offering to well serve their existing customers and potential target market in the small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs).

Mr. Tineyi Emmanuel Mawocha, Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity Bank said that “There are still many people who are unbanked and have fettered access to loans for developing their businesses. Being able to provide a strong customer experience while exhibiting our unique brand values and financial solutions can be a key differentiator to enable the local market access to turn-key banking products and services. With our rebranding efforts, Opportunity Bank has been empowered to offer banking solutions and experienced customer support services that SMBs need to grow.”

The acting Board Chairperson, Mrs Winnie-Lawoko-Olwe, also added that “Opportunity Bank’s unique banking platform is able to meet consumer needs in an easy-to-use way for any SME and individual. Opportunity Bank continues to develop its multi-functional platform, helping our local markets grow one business at a time. The innovative banking solutions that a small business owner will need to grow their business is extensive. We knew that a unique approach was needed, and we have moved to tailor our products and services specifically to meet our client’s needs.”

Executive Director-Supervision at Bank of Uganda Dr. Tumubweine Twinemanzi who officiated at the launch said that increased confidence in banking benefits will see the move of the ‘unbanked funds’ from under the mattress to commercial banks. Opportunity Bank’s new branding further enables the bank to stand out, not only within the expansive financial sector industry, but also within the ever-growing mobile money banking sector technology ecosystem. Small business owners will enjoy the ease-of-use of Opportunity Bank’s sophisticated technology, along with the human touch that is delivered through superior customer service.

The New Opportunity Bank logo brings a sharp new visual identity, characterising the brand as bold, smart, effective, and original. Opportunity Bank’s emphasis on providing a full suite of products and services to the local market is reflected in the company’s new tagline, – “Empower yourself, empower your business, empower your future.” This language speaks to the core belief that in a vast, ever-changing, and evolving financial sector, Opportunity Bank can fully cater to each and every business to establish and secure a thriving banking solution.

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dfcu Bank moves to consolidate its partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations




dfcu Bank's Chief of Business and Executive Director; William Sekabembe.

dfcu Bank’s Chief of Business and Executive Director; William Sekabembe addressing guests at the breakfast meeting.

In a move to grow the entrepreneurial outlook of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), dfcu Bank hosted a breakfast meeting with over 150 current and prospective NGOs at the Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala.

The meeting provided a platform for Non-Governmental Organisation’s to hear from subject experts and share insights on how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset if they are to remain relevant and sustainable.

According to William Sekabembe, the Chief of Business & Executive Director this calls for putting beneficiaries at the center of programme development; more structure, transparency, accountability and innovation.

“With shrinking donor funding and increasing competition, it is important that NGO’s realign their operations to transition from reliance on grants to becoming social enterprises. This change in mindset and ultimately operations will drive sustainability and make them more attractive to financial institutions and give them leverage in negotiating for better financial solutions,” says William Sekabembe.

dfcu Bank introduced its NGO account in 2013 and has revamped its offering to give NGO’s more so they can carry out their operations with ease. The current customer value proposition includes among others: free account maintenance & activity fees; interest rates of up to 4% p.a on UGX accounts & 1.25% p.a on USD accounts; free internet banking; free access to a third-party & Bulk payments solution and dedicated services points at selected branches across the 66-branch nationwide network.

This is in line with dfcu’s brand promise of making more possible for the sectors it serves and attain its aspiration of becoming a Universal Bank.

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