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Fresh Dairy and Mama Tendo Host over 200 women for Women’s Day Empowerment Breakfast



Fresh Dairy in conjunction with Mama Tendo hosted over 200 women at a breakfast meeting themed ‘Motherhood and the modern mum’ held at Sheraton Kampala Hotel on Wednesday.

The event which was organized in commemoration of International Women’s Day mainly attracted women from the corporate sphere in Uganda.

Women received knowledge, motherhood and life skills from speakers: Catherine Ruhweza, Founder Mama Tendo Foundation, Dr. Miria Matembe, Caroline Muchobia; Nutritionist Fresh Dairy Uganda and Dr. Ruth Senyonyi, Uganda’s first professional counselor; on how to balance today’s modern work, life and family.

Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy addresses attendees during the Fresh Dairy and Mama Tendo breakfast event held at Sheraton Hotel in commemoration of International Women's Day.

Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy addresses attendees during the Fresh Dairy and Mama Tendo breakfast event held at Sheraton Hotel in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

Speaking during the event, Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy Uganda thanked the women for attending in such large numbers. He explained that Fresh Dairy will be giving tips on health and nutrition that will benefit all working mothers on all its social media platforms using hashtag #FreshDairyMums.

“At Fresh Dairy Uganda, we believe that while modern mothers are busy trying to find a balance between their work, life and families, they should always look out for the health and nutritional benefits in the dairy products that their respective families consume. To this end, Fresh Dairy Uganda has partnered with Mama Tendo Foundation to reach out to as many modern mothers as possible regarding the health and nutritional benefits of taking milk products.” He said.

Caroline Muchobia, Nutritionist Fresh Dairy Uganda said, “The health benefits of taking Fresh Dairy products include increased bone strength, smoother skin, stronger immune system, prevention of illnesses such as hypertension, dental decay, dehydration, respiratory problems, obesity, osteoporosis and even some forms of cancer. The beneficial health nutrients obtained from taking Fresh Dairy products that in turn aid in the prevention of a number of chronic ailments include Calcium which is important for children and stronger teeth, Vitamin D, Protein, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin B 12 and Zinc among others.”

Some of the women who attended the International Women's Day breakfast organised by Fresh Dairy and Mama Tendo Foundation.

Some of the women who attended the International Women’s Day breakfast organised by Fresh Dairy and Mama Tendo Foundation.

Catherine Ruhweza, Executive Director Mama Tendo Foundation said, “Mama Tendo Foundation is a faith based charity that focuses on family, child upbringing and maternal health. The organization is involved in a number of maternal and child survival projects and has partnered with Fresh Dairy to reach out to host the Breakfast meeting intended to empower modern mothers on balancing work, life and family.”

Dr. Ruth Senyonyi during her lecture emphasized that parents are the most important influences in their children’s lives. She encouraged mothers to protect their children from the rapidly changing world that has been challenged by technology.

Dr. Miria Matembe who has been married for the last 41 years urged women to visualize motherhood from God’s perspective and encouraged mothers to take their role seriously.

Fresh Dairy concluded the event by handing out Fresh Dairy hampers filled with products to women through a raffle draw.

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Airtel Uganda donates goats to girls in Karamoja region




Airtel Uganda has announced a partnership with the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) to join in the fundraising campaign #GOATSFORGIRLS that aims at keeping young girls in the Karamoja region in school.

Airtel Uganda has announced a partnership with the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) to join in their fundraising campaign dubbed “Goats For Girls” that aims at keeping young girls in the Karamoja region in school.

As part of the partnership, the telecom company handed over UGX11,000,000 for the purchase of 100 goats that will be handed over to girls in Moroto and Napak districts. Each girl will be handed two goats from which she will obtain income to pay school fees and purchase scholastic materials. Upon reproduction, she will be required to give the first two kids to another girl for the process to continue and benefit other girls within the community.

Speaking during the handover, Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. V.G Somasekhar pledged Airtel Uganda’s support to ensure that school-going children in local disadvantaged communities have access to quality education, which will benefit them, their families and their communities.

“Girl child education is not a priority in many local communities across Uganda. At Airtel Uganda, we believe that it is critical for the empowerment of women and are therefore committed to ensuring that girls in the most disadvantaged communities get equal opportunities to access quality education and realize their potential,” he noted.

On why they have chosen to donate goats, Mr. Somasekhar noted that the initiative is not only supportive of ensuring that the girls stay in school but also ensures economic empowerment that is much needed to bridge the socioeconomic gaps witnessed across the country.

According to United Nations’ Girls Education Initiative statistics, literacy rates for young females still lag behind that of young boys by five percent, and nearly half of all girls in Uganda are married before the age of 18. In Northern Uganda – Karamoja region, girls take on women roles faster because they cannot afford to go to or stay in school due to economic challenges.

Commenting on behalf of IIRR, Pamela B. Nyamutoka Katooro, the IIRR Uganda Country Director, appreciated the partnership with Airtel and stated that this would go a long way in improving education outcomes for disadvantaged girls especially in pastoral communities.

“Since 2015, IIRR’s “Goats 4 Girls” model has successfully been used to support over 2000 girls to enroll and stay in school. The initiative inhibits the practice of forced early marriage and empowers girls with not only educational benefits but also economic independence that enhances their self-worth, dignity and confidence,” she commented.

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LG expands retail chain in Uganda




LG Electronics has launched a new brand shop in Kampala

LG Electronics has launched a new brand shop in Kampala’s industrial Area that will see the consumer reach doubled in the country.

The 70,000 USD (257 million UGX) investment comes after LG successfully engaged the distributor Diamond Star who will be managing the store, bringing the total number of LG outlets to three in Uganda.

LG has also simultaneously opened a parallel service center in Kampala to cater to the rising number of consumers using LG products.

“We are responding to the rising demand of LG products in the Ugandan market. This expansion will improve the availability of our innovative products to our growing client base. We project that the new store will serve more than 200,000 new customers every month,” said Mr. Moses Marji, Marketing Director, East and Central Africa.

LG is a leading supplier of home electronics and appliances to the region and has stores in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia and Rwanda.

Today’s launch brings LG’s retail store count in the Eastern African region to 98. Four new stores were opened in the region in 2017. Additionally, the company will also refurbish and upgrade some of the major existing outlets to meet the global LG Electronics’ shop standards.

LG Electronics has launched a new brand shop in Kampala

LG Electronics Managing Director in charge of East and Central Africa Janghoon Chung said the company is committed to delivering high quality products that bring convenience to the lives of consumers.

“At LG, quality is our priority and we take the time to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the products that they buy. This is also part of our contribution to the growth of Uganda’s economy by delivering outstanding value to customers every day,” said Mr Chung.

Some of LG’s headlining home appliances such as the LG TWIN Wash will first hit the Ugandan market through the new shop. The TWIN Wash has the capacity to handle two separate loads simultaneously, allowing users to wash different types of clothes seamlessly.

The new brand shop will also stock LG’s new range of Super UHD TVs that use Nano Cell technology to deliver accurate colors and high picture quality even when viewed from wide angles.

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  • MTN Shortz allows subscribers to post video content
  • There is an opportunity for content created to generate revenue
  • Video content of up to 10 minutes can be uploaded
  • To subscribe and upload, visit

MTN Uganda’s Snr Manager Digital, Susan Kayemba explaining how MTN Shortz works at The Square industrial area at the launch.

MTN Uganda in a continuous drive to become a digital company has today launched MTN Shortz, a short video streaming platform. MTN Shortz is a mobile-only service that allows subscribers to upload videos of no more than 10 minutes. MTN Shortz is available through mobile phones only on

The streaming service allows subscribers to directly post video content from their mobile devices.

“MTN is creating an opportunity for its subscribers to create video content and earn from it. As the leading tech brand in Africa, we are always looking for ways to use technology to provide services that uplift the quality of life in the markets where we operate and so MTN Shortz,” said Olivier Prentout, the Chief Marketing Officer.

MTN Shortz has several channels that subscribers can pick to upload content of their choice. It consists of channels belonging to different content owners, which users can access to view a variety of content. For subscribers to view the content on MTN Shortz, there is a daily charge of between Ugx200 and Ugx1000.

For a video viewed, the content owner will be able to earn some money from the visits.

“The MTN Shortz channels will have local content videos, meaning that for the Ugandan content producers, there is an opportunity for views and extra income. MTN believes that MTN Shortz will be able to drive local content video production,” Prentout notes.

Adding “There is also an opportunity for those that want to be seen by professional content creators. There are several professional content creators that will be using MTN Shortz and will be able to identify the untapped talent. You won’t have to wait for the opportunity to come to you, you can create it.”


For the MTN Pulse community, MTN Shortz is empowering the lifestyle of creating an opportunity. There are several platforms where people can post videos, however on MTN Shortz, the fact is that there is an opportunity to make money. The MTN Pulse community, there will be several exclusive offers in order to access and use MTN Shortz.

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