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Former Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse now a DJ



Djibril Cisse

Djibril Cisse has launched a career to become a world famous DJ.

Cisse, who also has a successful clothing brand, has already played some of the biggest venues around the world and is not ready to move into coaching just yet.

The ex- Liverpool star said: “I always liked music and DJing. Football and nightlife is not always compatible. But now I have a little more time I can DJ a bit more.

“I do it all over. I go to Belgium next week, I have a lot of gigs in France, the next one is in Lebanon, Beirut, they are really nice places. It’s another job.

“They are big venues now but I have been doing it for 20 years. I was 14 when I started, but not in clubs, it was just for me, with my friends. Now I’ve done Ministry of Sound, Whisky Mist and a few more.

“My clothing range is going well. It’s mainly online and I’ve got retailers in France. We do some pop up shops and I have a lot retailers.

“I’m designer, accountant, I don’t sew the clothes, but I do everything else. Nothing comes out without me deciding it should.”


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Celebrity Gossip

New Tycoon Ghetto King Promises Big





By Staff Writer

Uganda’s socialite scene improves every day we happen to bump unto many people who emerge to prove to us that they can sustain the industry especially loaded people call them money bags. Forget about the days of the late Ivan Ssemwanga and the Rich Gang, this Ugandan and Kempten Allgau, Germany based Ghetto King is here and so loaded.

Who is Ghetto King?
Nick Schleyer is his real name a Ugandan tycoon and an artiste at the same time holding the stage names of Nick Rasta and his all-time crown is Ghetto King. He is the King of all ghettos because he owns a ghetto empire worldwide. He has done many things like donating to the needy especially schools, providing shelter to the needy and much more. Musically he has made world tours like the one in Nurnberg in Germany 2017, his own concert dubbed Awakening Europe which he had this year in January and many other international stages where he performs and donates at the same time.

Why in Uganda now?
He is currently in Uganda for different missions but mostly on those of helping the needy, build schools, staging free shows for Ugandans. He has done songs like Bintadde, Thriller, Ghetto, Street Boy, Mighty and many more that have also made him add value to his big name Ghetto King Nick Rasta.

“I am a humble person in that I don’t take showing off things serious like others, I don’t beef with anyone and I live humbly. But I can assure every Ugandan that my time is now to help the needy fully, build schools and boost people’s lives.” Ghetto King asserted while confirming his being here.

He added that he has a dream for Uganda being a great nation when people are helped and taught how to earn and keep money.

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Entertainment News

Buzz Tenniez Awards 2018: Here’s the full list of nominees




Douglas Lwanga and The Beat team at Buzz Teeniez Awards

The NTV The Beat team pose with their Teeniez TV Show accolade at the 2017 Buzz Teeniez Awards

By Our Reporter

The 2018 Buzz Teeniez Awards nominees have been announced.

According to the organisers, the nominations were conducted in schools and online. The public will go on to vote for their favorite artistes online and winners will be crowned at a ceremony slated for Saturday, May 12th at UMA Show Grounds, Lugogo.

Check out the full list of nominees below.

Teeniez Male Artist of the Year

1. Fik Famaica
2. Bebe Cool
3. B2C
4. Ykee Benda

Teeniez Female Artist of the year

1. Sheebah
2. Vinka
3. Spice Diana
4. Fille

Teeniez Hottest Song of the year

1. Kutama
2. Guntamiza
3. OverDose
4. Pon Mi

Teeniez Hottest Dance Hall Artist

1. Beenie Gunter
2. A Pass
3. Bebe Cool
4. Sheebah Karungi

Teeniez Hottest Dance Hall Song

1. Pon MI
2. Dididada
3. Kutama
4. Want it
5. Over Dose

Teeniez Gospel Song of the Year

1. Tambula Nange by Mozey Radio
2. Turn the replay by Levixone
3. Tosumagila by Exodus
4. Wanaza by Pr Wilson Bugembe

Teeniez Gospel Artist or Group

1. Exodus
2. Levixone
3. Baby Gloria
4. Pr Wilson Bugembe

Teeniez Top Hood Rapper

1. Da Agent
2. Fik Fameica
3. Feffe Bussi
4. Gravity

Teeniez Hottest Hip Song

1. Mafia by Fik Fameica
2. Who is who by Feffe Bussi
3. Who is me by Da Agent
4. Who is Who Reply by Jim Nola MC

Teeniez Hottest Collabo of the Year

1. Guntamiza by B2C ft Radio & Weasle
2. Gwabisobola by Byaxy ft Fik Fameica
3. Pon MI by DJ Roja, Slick Stuart ft Beenie Gunter
4. Over Dose by Vinka ft Voltage
5. Weekend by Sheebah ft RunTown

Teeniez Flyest Video

1. Mafia by Fik Fameica
2. Malaika by Ykee Benda
3. Guntamiza by B2C FT Radio And Weasle
4. Pon Mi by DJ Roja, DJ Slick Stuart Ft Beenie Gunter
5. Weekend by Sheebah ft Run Town

Teeniez Break Through Artist

1. Vinka
2. Latinum
3. Nina Roz
4. Topic Kasente

Teeniez Hottest Beat Maker

1. Artin Pro
2. Eno Beats
3. Nessim
4. The Weezy

Teeniez Hottest Song Writer

1. Mozey Radio
2. A Pass
3. Yesse Oman Rafiki
4. Ykee Benda

Teeniez Wickedest DJ

1. DJ Roja & Slick Stuart
2. DJ Ali Breezy
3. DJ Mercy
4. DJ Mark

Teeniez Hottest Celebrity Stylist

1. Abryanz
2. Sylvia Awori
3. Tazibone Solomon
4. Fyona Kirabo

Teeniez Hottest makeup Artist

1. Fyona Kirabo
2. Mona Faces
3. Sta Atafo
4. Beauty By Judy

Teeniez Hottest Comedian

1. Mariach
2. Madrat & Chiko
3. Taata Ne Maama Sam
4. Anne Kansime
5. Salvador

Teeniez TV Station

1. Magic 1 HD
2. Spark TV
3. Urban TV
5. NTV

Teeniez Hottest TV Show

1. Live Wire
2. After 5
3. NTV The Beat
4. Tnation
5. Skizzy Urban TV

Teen TV Show presenter

1. Crystal Panda
2. Humphrey Wampula
3. MC Ollo
4. MC Talha
5. Allan Cruz & Momo

Teeniez Hottest TV Personality

1. Zahara Toto & Annatalia Ozze
2. Douglas Lwanga
3. MC kats
4. Tina Fierce

Teeniez Funkiest Radio Station

1. Galaxy Fm
2. XFM
3. KFM
4. Capital FM

Teeniez Hottest Radio Personality

1. Mr Mosh
2. Denzel
3. Flavia Tumusime
4. DJ Nimrod
5. Gaetano


Teeniez Male Team

1. Jinja SS Football Team
2. Namilyango College Rugby Team
3. St Mary Kitende Football Team
4. Kibuli SS Basketball Team

Teeniez Female Team

1. Kawempe Moslem Football Team
2. St Mary Namagunga Hockey Team
3. St Mary Kitende BasketBall Team
4. St Mary Kitende Netball Team

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Celebrity Gossip

Upcoming singer Had Con cautions Fik Fameika on his copy cat virus.




Singer Had Con is at loggerheads with fast rising singer Fik Fameika over his copy cat vice. According to Had Con Fameika is supposed to apologise in 2 weeks time else he is collecting signatures from other artistes with the same thinking to sink his career in a yet to be disclosed way.

He said “I hear by on behalf of the new generation warning you Sir about yo increasing destruction of our industry due to numerous copycats grabbed on fellow artists without any permission. So many complains reaching us, about your *invisible ghost hustle* (working small and gaining big) yet real original artists have no platforms. Research has it dat 90% of your music is scooped from both international and local new artists. One may say, *”Namwe mukoppe muveeyo!!”,* but to be sincere that cant promote our industry. We can only diversify with Unique, Original music with modified sound not copycats. On a serious note, *We are giving Fik Fameica 2weeks to repent for his copycats*”

Watch his video here:

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