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Crystal Newman, Deedan and Ellah at Club Music Video Awards

Photos: How local stars and music fans dressed to the Club Music Video Awards

By Our Reporter The Club Music Video Awards, held at Kampala Serena Hotel on Saturday evening, were flocked with local stars and music fans in their amazing outfits, and the majority sure  did not disappoint. Here are some of the looks…

March 19, 2017

6 Relationship bumps that healthy couples should avoid

The secret is to avoid drama in the first place! Sometimes maintaining a strong, healthy and growing relationship feels easy and natural, seeming to take no effort at all. Other times, that same relationship requires intention, effort, focus and genuine hard work. Happy, successful couples understand…

March 17, 2017

7 Sex positions to try during pregnancy

Pregnant women tend to get revved up and want to get it on — often (thanks, fluctuating hormones!) Here are the best sex positions to try during pregnancy to help you scratch that itch: 1. Be the Little Spoon This may…

March 17, 2017

og money

PayIt Global rebrands to Og Money

One Global recently re-branded their digital payments platform, PayIt to Og Money in a bid to also offer mCommerce, virtual stores, in-store payments experience and digital banking services. Og Money is the next evolution of digital financial services, going beyond digital payments…

March 17, 2017


3 Things you didn’t know about shooting porn

One way to find out surprising things about porn is to attend a shoot for yourself, which is what Jenn Tisdale did, when she got invited to star in a porno with James Deen, although a comedian, she couldn’t resist…

March 17, 2017

6 Reasons Penis Size Doesn’t Matter

So, you want to learn about 6 reasons penis size doesn’t matter? Are you intimidated by size queens, worry about measuring up in the locker room, or think that you’re just not big enough? Following are good reasons why you…

March 16, 2017

Uganda Dating, sex life, Sex

6 Sex Injuries You Should Fear

Sex, sex, sex. Great, right? Sure it is. But like any physical activity, it’s not without risk. Not like, hang-gliding risk, but injuries can still happen. And when dealing with such sensitive parts, the injuries can be terrifying. Don’t scoff!…

March 16, 2017

Uganda dating, Sex Life, Sex

10 Ways to Get Her to “O”

Whether you’re a guy or girl, nothing beats a great orgasm. Trouble is, too often women don’t reach one during sex. Study and try these fool-proof methods and you’ll soon be sending her over the edge. 1. Warm up her…

March 16, 2017

TGK fashion house

Sitya Loss Kids set to open fashion house

Popular dancers The Ghetto Kids aka Sitya Loss Kids are venturing into fashion business. We have learnt that the Sitya Loss Kids are set to open a fashion house and launch their own clothing line dubbed “TGK”. According to their manager,…

March 16, 2017

5 Sex Positions to Try If Your Partner Can’t Maintain an Erection

“This never happens to me” is almost always a lie. Everyone has been in a bed with a boner that is just not cooperating at some point in their life. And that’s fine! Whether it’s a random off night or…

March 15, 2017