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  • 16 Things All Women Wish Their Men Would Do Without Being Told

    / March 14, 2017

    Do you think there exists a being called the ‘perfect guy’? Someone who is the ideal man, who listens when you talk, who does things without you having to tell him again and again, the perfect charmer, the real gentleman. Well, maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t, but every girl sure does dream of one.

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    So, we give the men an opportunity to become the perfect guy for the girls. Here is a list of simple things that every woman wants her man to do and that mean the world to her!

    1. Cleaning up after himself

    She has enough work to do already and picking up your clothes, shoes, used utensils and gadgets after you is the last thing she wants to do.

    2. Loving her pet

    If she has a pet, she probably loves it more than she loves you. Being compassionate towards her pet will make you the apple of her eye!

    3. Remembering her friends and family member’s name

    If you keep a track of all her close friends and family member’s names, it goes on to show her how deeply you are involved with her and the interest you take in not only yours, but her world as well!

    4. Non-judgmental about her clothes and food

    Let her wear what makes her feel beautiful and quit pointing out what she should and should not eat. Letting her be herself around you will make her more into you!

    5. Telling her that she is pretty and SLIM

    Every girl wants her guy to complement her. Not all the time but at least every now and then. And, telling her that she seems to have lost some weight is the cherry on top for her indeed!

    6. Replying to her texts IMMEDIATELY

    Girls need to know what they need to know when they want to know it! Confused? Well just reply to her text messages as soon as you read them and don’t prolong it by thinking you will get back to her later. Believe us; you will avoid going home and witnessing a World War III if you follow this advice!

    7. Giving her casual massages

    Now who wouldn’t want a relaxing and sensual body massage without even asking for it after a hectic and tiring day at work? Complete bliss!

    8. Getting her stuff you get for yourself

    If you decide to get yourself a smoothie, a burger or anything to eat on the way home, pack one for her too. You will be amazed at the results of this, we bet! Small gestures mean more to women than huge deeds.

    9. To watch what she wishes to watch on TV

    If she doesn’t want to watch cricket with you, it doesn’t really matter. You can always catch it sometime else with your guy gang. Cuddling up with her in front of the TV watching what she wants to watch will make her feel loved and the luckiest girl in the world!

    10. Hugging her more often

    Going all the way is not exactly what girls want all the time. Instead just hugging her off guard and more often is what she really expects out of you!

    11. Going out shopping with her

    Nothing in the world can make her happier than you initiating the need to go out shopping with her. She would find it difficult to believe but why not surprise her with something she had not imagined in her wildest dream?

    12. Telling her what you REALLY feel

    We know guys are not expressive when it comes to venting out their feelings, but girls don’t want to get involved in the guessing games of getting to know how you feel. Just tell them upfront and clear WHAT YOU FEEL!

    13. Leaving her sweet love messages

    Getting a message saying ‘I love you’, ‘I am thinking of you’ or ‘ you looked pretty in the morning’, while she is at work (stressing about something) will release her of all her stress and bring a huge smile on her face for sure!

    14. Surprising her more often

    Now who doesn’t like surprises? Well for one, we are sure women really do and nothing beats a well-planned and completely out-of-the-box one! Surprise her more often to keep the spark in your relation going!

    15. Cooking for her sometimes

    She always cooks and cleans for you. Wouldn’t it be a nice change if you did that for her sometime without her having to tell you? Well, it would certainly be for her! So to lighten her load, cook a romantic meal for her or bring her breakfast in bed every once in a while.

    16. Giving her space

    This is the paramount thing every girl wants from a relationship. Just letting her be and respecting the fact that she needs her own time to do whatever she feels like in it is something that all women need without having to ask for it.




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