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100 English Words Eddy Kenzo Can’t Dare To Sing About



By Ian Ortega

Ever since Eddy Kenzo promised bringing Uganda its first Grammy Award when he took singing in English serious, the fans have been restless. They have come up with a list on 100 English words Eddy Kenzo can never dare to sing about in his entire music career. The fans would like to send out a safety precaution to Eddy Kenzo Musuza that singing about these words could result in death and severe tongue-biting. For the sake of the buffalos in the Ugandan forest, we kindly plead with him never to sing about the following:

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1. Sophisticated                                          eddy kenzo

2. Flirtatiousness

3. Retrospect

4. Quagmire

5. Photosynthesis

6. Characteristics

7. Statistics

8. Solemnly

9. Brusque

10. Obnoxious

11. Symposium

12. Outskirts

13. Booked

14. Traumatized

15. Hostel

16. Fragmented

17. Intricate

18. Juice

19. Ostentatious

20. Flabbergasted

21. Accomplish

22. Abstruse

23. Acupuncture

24. Adjudicate

25. Altercation

26. Apocalypse

27. Befuddle

28. Crotchety

29. Plumber

30. Duodenum

31. Plethora

32. Celebrity

33. Guitar

34. Microphone

35. Musicology

36. Quandary

37. Xylophone

38. Quintuplet

39. Quotation

40. Qualification

41. Question

42. Postpone

43. Questionnaire

44. Quintessence

45. Hooper

46. Outskirts

47. English

48. Hetrotranctionious

49. Ecclestophobia

50. Ecclesiastes

51. Asbestos

52. Cap, Cup, Cape

53. Hut, Hat, Hot, Hurt

54. No, Know, Knoll

55. Calm, Cum, Come

56. Stay, Steak, Stare

57. Kilogram

58. Wine, Whine

59. Cool, Curl, School

60. Legislature

61. Parliament

62. Executive

63. Swagger

64. Chemical

65. Estrange

66. Genocide

67. Murder

68. Buffalo

69. Erratic

70. Cosmic

71. Dissertation

72. Transcript

73. Conglomerate

74. Congratulation

75. Congregation

76. Cerebellum

77. Chamber

78. Bowdlerize

79. Haphazard

80. Hallucinogenic

81. Maintenance

82. Magnanimous

83. Gigantic

84. Magistrate

85. Resuscitate

86. Gynecology

87. Posthumous

88. Ophthalmology

89. Telescope

90. Television

91. Lackluster

92. Labyrinth

93. Implacable

94. Impious

95. Imperious

96. Impregnate

97. Impromptu

98. Gymnasium

99. Portfolio

100. Your Word (Add It)

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Celebrity Gossip

Chris Evans reveals why he now prefers Zanie Brown, my ex used to beat me



Chris Evans who has recently been in News for his public revelation that he has made all attempts to date fellow singer Zanie Brown has finally revealed why he left his ex lover and niw wants a more calm partner.

During a press conference today in Industrial area, Chris Evand revealed he had been suffering domestic violance under his now former lover. “My ex would beat me, I would fear to hit her back or reprt to police for fear that it would become public and its shaming for a woman to beat a woman.” He said. When further questioned why he wanted Zanie Brown, he said “I think Zanie Brown is calm amd living but most importantly she us beautiful. Being a fellow artiste she would know and understand my schedule”

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Chris Evans has promised to brimg Zanie Brown to bis concert at Obligato at any vost because it will be his chance to show public affection and seriousness to the matter

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Celebrity Gossip

Photos: Nxt Radio Gives Out Gifts to Loyal Listeners



Next Media’s Nxt FM, radio station has given to its listeners and as everyone is doing their best to stay relevant with every shifting market trends, one has to find innovative ways to keep their audiences, customers, viewers or listeners glued to them.In the 9 months Nxt Radio has been airing in Uganda, both online and on frequency, they have gained a good number of urban listeners both in the country and outside and as part of their initiative to expand, they have given back to their listeners.According to pour snoops, we have been alerted that this whole week, Nxt Radio is going to be taking it to the streets of Kampala and Entebbe to remind its listeners and potential listeners of its existence in the market.The station’s digital trucks will be combing the streets with multiple stop-overs in various locations accompanied by beautifully dressed radio girls and stilt walkers.

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Celebrity Gossip

Kenneth Mugabi to launch new album with mega concert



Kenneth Mugabi

By Our Reporter

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Lovers of Afro and soul music have a special treat coming on Saturday, June 29, 2019 when singer Kenneth Mugabi launches his latest studio album titled “Ugandan” live at the Design Hub in Bugolobi.

With his gifted rich voice, stage presence and signature ‘endigidi’ (tube fiddle), Mugabi tells unique stories through his music, providing authentic sounds to his performances which rob hearts. His music is a refreshing addition to local music scene with ‘Naki’ being one of his fans’ favourites.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Mugabi said he could not wait to share his masterpiece with the world.

“My new album is a perfect gift especially for the new audience that I want to tap in. It contains 13 songs with collaboration from some of Uganda’s finest like Lillian Mbabazi, Iryn Namubiru and many others. I can’t wait to share it come June 29,” said Kenneth.

The soulful performer and story teller will also be performing some of his popular songs like Nambi, Carolina, Nubuka, Naki among others off his other hit album, Kibunomu that transports one into an enchanting world of storytelling through music.

“Kenneth is an outstanding force in the music industry and right now his fresh take on music is something that needs celebration. Johnnie Walker being an icon of progress decided to celebrate the incredible steps forward that artistes like Kenneth are making which we are glad to be a part of,” said Roger Agamba International Premium Spirits Brand Manager, Uganda Breweries Limited.

Sponsored by Johnnie Walker Highball, Mugabi’s launch will be the first of the many live shows that are slated to be held at Design Hub throughout the year.

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