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Ziza Bafana’s new illuminati tattoo shocks fans




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Ziza Bafana gets new Independence tattoo
By BigEyeUg Team

Musician Ziza Bafana may have well confirmed his illuminati ties after a recent tattoo that left fans in shock.
The singer known for his dancehall tunes left everyone shocked when he revealed his tattoo on his left hand that looks alot like ‘666’ the devils sign.
That notwithstanding, the singer has released a new song called illuminati that is making rounds on radio stations with fans requesting for it like hot cake.
Apparently, Ziza’s trips to Turkey and South Africa are financed by the illuminati who see a lot of potential in him and plan to use the ‘Guluma Nasomye’ singer to recruit more Ugandan youths.

We will keep you posted.

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