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Ziza Bafana apologizes to the President for defying his directives.



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Ragga/Reggae dancehall artiste Kasendwa Richard aka Ziza Bafana has asked the president of Uganda to forgive him for defying his directives on COVID 19.

In an interview with NBS’s Uncut, the “Pomini” hit maker explained that he was called to perform in Tanzania which he never thought would be a problem.
“I was called to perform in Tanzania. It’s very different in that country because there are no restrictions on anything due to COVID 19. I therefore thought it was fine since I was not to perform in Uganda. I admit my mistake and ask the president of Uganda to forgive me for not following his guidelines. He should understand that we are his people and he should care about us. We are not working and we shall die of hunger.”Bafana stressed

He however stressed that he is ready to fight for the unprivileged Ugandans who suffer silently with grievances due lack of platforms.

He was arrested after completing 14days of mandatory quarantine at Mutukula. Bafana and his six mates disobeyed the President’s order and held a prohibited show at Happiness Mitek in 30th August,2020.

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