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Zahara Totto schools fans on how to deal with haters



By Nila Faisal

NBS presenter Zahara Totto has mastered the art of dealing with negativity and is now sharing tips.
The media personality has penned an open letter to fans who have been subjects of hateful behavior on how they can deal with their haters.
Taking to social media, Zahara urged them to love themselves, remember their worth bury their haters with success.

Zahara TottoShe wrote;
My dear gorgeous looking lady out there , stand straight cos there intimidated by your strength , your smartness,your braveness, your a-superwoman and it makes them feel less of them selves, they will always raise there confidence by coming up with all sorts of stories to put you down.sweet lady, your a fighter , let your success fight back for you,never let them in! There worthless , there jealous, there sad , there angry at them selves! sweet lady, they envy you cos they wanna be you. Little do they know that u learnt how to love your self, you learnt to appreciate the little u gat,you channeled the bad energy into good vibes.sweet lady,your a stunner !!! Where ever u are who ever you are,praise your self cos your beautiful.try saying it to your self silently from the bottom of your heart..”AM BEAUTIFUL” it’s the trick to happiness n it always works .good morning.” Zahara posted.

The media personality is no stranger to bullying. Zahara has been a victim of body shamming and criticized endlessly for her character and personality.

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