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Zahara Totto opens up on why her relationship with ‘Big Papa’ failed



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By BigEyeUg Team

Next Media, Zahara Totto is still mending a broken heart after breaking-up with Nigerian money bag, Don Solomon Ugwu aka Big Papa (Oga).

The ‘Uncut’ TV show host’s one-year affair with Don Solomon was confirmed done and dusted on Monday, 10th August after a bitter fight between the two lovers.

However, Zahara has since taken it to her Snap chat account spilling all the unbearable circumstances that sparked their misunderstandings.

The motor-mouthed TV presenter, narrates that all went wrong in her relationship when she found-out that boyfriend, Big Papa was sleeping around with other women.

She reveals that her efforts in resolving the issues together with hubby all ended in vain after he refuted all claims of cheating.

He instead continued sharing their bed with all kinds of city girls.

The mother-of-four also says Big Papa is disrespectful, non-developmental, adds no value to no one, among others, and that’s why she never regrets breaking-up with him.

Zahara further says she can’t take his behaviors anymore or stand him because he is disgusting.

Here is her statement in full;

Allow me tell you a short story. I have been busy working the anus decided to sleep with every slut who cares to open their legs to him thinking they will get rich from him! Such low thinking brains!

Am a one-man woman, and when I found out that’s the case I tried to talk to him so we solve things where it had gone wrong as I didn’t want the relationship to end! But the anus used that to his advantage to continue with his Ashawo behavior of sleeping with more sluts.

I was in Love cos we have been together for a year now! Didn’t want it to lose /

my man! But all in vain. The anus is disrespectful, non-developmental, adds no value to no one, etc.

He is threatening me right now for exposing is bleached jik pussy selling bitch who has worked so had to see that me and the anus separate. I can nolonger take it in anymore! I can’t stand him anymore! He disgusts me.

We will keep you posted.

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