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Zahara Toto warns girls to back off her man.



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Uganda’s self proclaimed feild marshal entertainer Zahara Toto is having sleepless nights over girls who are sending nudes to her newly found lover Reuben Roberts.

Zahara took to her Snapchat and warned girls who want to separate her from her lover branding them “sluts”.

“But Ugandan sluts me and Reuben share the phones. I have his phone and I see all the nudes you are sending him! Your embarrassing yourselves so please stop striping so low! He is not that man slut that will leave me for you he is here to stay!” she snapped.

She further stressed that she will not spare any one who wants to separate them.” Any message or picture or nudes you send in our phone, I am going to expose you.”

She also defended her lover saying he is not a weak man to fall for any other girl. “Been with Reuben for 8 years now and our relationship is exceptional! He is so disgusted by your nudes.”

The two love birds are enjoying each other without holding back. It should be remembered that the two had always been dating but in an on-and- off entanglement.

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