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Yung Mulo Stabbed Thadeus and Raba Daba Covered Up For him



By Ian Ortega

In 2011, during the bitter split between Raba Daba and Goodlyfe, Raba Daba got into a bar brawl. Little did many people know that the brawl would result in a knife stabbing between Raba Daba’s camp and the Goodlyfe camp.

It all started when Raba Daba got into the bar and asked the little known Thadeus Buyego to give up his seat because he was not worthy of sitting while a superstar like him (Raba Daba) was standing. At this juncture, an exchange of swear words broke out.

At the time, Raba Daba was on good terms with the Leone Island Camp and always had Yung Mulo as his side-man. Within no time, a scuffle broke out as Raba Daba tried to bully Thadeus off the seat or risk humiliation.

By the time calm returned when bouncers came in to save the situation, it was discovered that Rasta Thadeus had been stabbed. Everyone was confused about who had stabbed Thadeus. Because Raba Daba had been the cause of the fight, he took it upon himself and owned up to the stabbing. He did not know that in trying to take responsibility for a crime he did not commit, he was sacrificing his career.

In actual sense, it was Yung Mulo who had sliced the knife through Thadeus’s abdomen. Raba Daba thought that it was easier for him ‘a big artiste’ to get away with the case than it was for Yung Mulo who was an upcoming young chap at the time, probably not even yet an adult.

Because of what Raba Daba did for Yung Mulo years back, he is worshipped as a god by Yung Mulo. If there is one person Yung Mulo respects, it’s Raba Daba. He showed that he was ready to cover up for his true friends.

And for the music fraternity, we hope this clears up the scandal that is threatening to send Raba Daba’s career to the grave.

According to doctors, Thadeus had a gastro related infection that was caused by his lifestyle of alcohol and drug addictions coupled with a very poor diet. It is believed that his intenstines developed a very severe infection and he never bothered to report this to the doctors. The Rasta is survived by a form four daughter known as Shalom.


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