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Ykee Benda goes for Dancehall King Crown with new song



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Ykee Benda

By Bash Mutumba

As a Ugandan child, one of the games you grow up playing is hide and seek; whose Luganda name is kwiso bando. Ykee Benda in his new dancehall tune of the same name, paints images of a puppy love affair in the ghetto.

Ykee, who is popular for his Urban Pop style, decided to go dancehall on “Kwiso Bando”, and on first listen, you can’t avoid to relate the hook of the already hitting jam to any of Bebe Cool’s seasoned dancehall vibes. Perhaps this explains why Ykee chose Eno Beats, one of the best dancehall producers in the country, and also the same man behind Bebe’s club banger “Katono”, to make the song.

Whether Bebe Cool and other established dancehall artists like Ziza Bafana and Beenie Gunter should be worried by Kireka Boy’s dramatic twist, is a question of opinion.

Check out the song below:

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