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Xzibit Went Crazy And Threw Chair At Rapper




Screwing with Xzibit is not recommended — ’cause the “Pimp My Ride” star chucked a STEEL CHAIR at another rapper’s face … allegedly over a cab ride!

X to the Z was backstage at a concert Wednesday night in Adelaide, Australia when he got into it with a concert promoter/rapper named Mastacraft.

According to reports … Xzibit’s ride from the airport wasn’t up to his standards — and after he got to his hotel, he was forced to hail a cab to the show when the promoter went M.I.A.

Just watch what the explosion once X got to the show and ran into Mastacraft backstage.

The promoter says Xzibit was treated like a king and any claim saying otherwise is BS, but still — the video is crazy!

Source: TMZ

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