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World Soccer star Ronaldinho excited by Eddy Kenzo’s video, shares it on Social Media.



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kenzo and the kids

By Lee Osbourne

World Soccer star Ronaldinho Gaucho has expressed his love for Eddy Kenzo’s Jambole dance video after he was excited by the Ghetto kids’ dance moves before later sharing it on social media. Here’s what he posted after sharing the video on his blog:

“Some things you can learn, and others you are just born with. These African kids just showed that age does not matter when you have the rhythm inside of you!

You can tell that the smaller ones are also on the right track when they are trying to follow the older ones!In the end, the little girl comes up and shows that she’s got just as much rhythm!

I remember when I was a little kid and I used to samba,and had so much fun doing it! I still do on the field from time to time.In Brazil, they say you learn so samba before you learn to walk. I still don’t think I ever had the skills that some of these kids in the video do. Some of them are doing Michael Jackson moves! It just blows my mind to see that. These kids are awesome!!”

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