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Woman sues Telecom Company over defective Samsung Galaxy S4




A businesswoman in Kenya last week sued Safaricom for allegedly selling her a defective Samsung Galaxy S4. Judy Wanjiku Munene says that she bought the phone on July 5, for Kshs.64, 999 approximately UGX 1909859.12 at their I&M shop.

After using it for a few days, she noticed that it would overheat and lose network. She took it back to Safaricom, who retained it for 14 days for repairs. After getting it back, it continued to malfunction, forcing her to return it to I&M, where she had bought it.

She got it back after seven days of repairs, but the problem persisted.

She now wants Safaricom to be compelled to refund her money and pay for losses incurred.
Source: Nairobi Wire

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