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Woman kills herself after accidentally sending text to husband instead of lover



A police officer killed herself after writing a text to a colleague thanking him for a ‘wonderful’ date – but accidentally sent it to her husband.

PC Gail Crocker, 46, told the officer ‘wish we could do this more often’ after an evening out while her husband was on a business trip.

“The #SamsungTwitterParty is back! Get ready to party the night away come 19th December at Zone 7 with fellow tweeps. Entrance is 15,000shs. Call 0775439894 for details. Great music and drinks.”

An inquest heard the pair rowed when he arrived home in St Stephen, Cornwall, and the next day the mother-of-two took an overdose of pills and climbed into the boot of her car. She was found dead on June 15, the inquest in Truro was told.

Husband of 30 years, Peter Crocker, 49, said: ‘She was my life.’

The inquest recorded a verdict of suicide.

Source: SDE


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