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Wolf in Sheep skin: Balaam Barugahara shocks Social Media as he sets up long time friend Chameleone



By Reporter

Social Media was this evening in shock as two long time friends and business partners went opposite sides of the fence. While it is known that for over 10 years, Jose Chameleone and Promoter Balaam have been friends and business partners reaping most of his events’ reap from Jose Chameleone concerts, today Balaam shocked his online fans when he set trap to get Chameleone’s car towed.

While it is not known that the two fell out, Balaam has today exhibited the extreme of hypocrisy when he was caught giving introductions to get singer Jose Chameleone’s car towed and if possible get him arrested too. This was very unexpected of his consodering their long term friendship and business partnerships.

A section of the online following couldn’t believe their eyes and ears as Balaam was making orders to have everyone arrested including Chameleone. Some of the comments read.

“Never trust no people, Balaam for the last decade has survived on Chameleone’s concerts but see bow he pays him back”

“It wouldn’t have been Balaam, he should be the one backing and bailing him out. Bayuda tuyita nabo”

“Balaam is a snake. But he is giving orders as who”

Jose Chameleone’s V8 was on Monday afternoon towed by URA over allegations that he owed URA in taxes. Chameleone maintains he has all documentation for his V8. At the time of towing, Chameleone was not at his home.

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