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“I will Marry When I want.”–Santa Anzo



By Ian Ortega 

santa Anzo 1After being at the receiving end of the tabloids and the stories, Arapapa’s Santa Anzo could not take it any longer and chose to stand up for the “Happily Single, Happily Aging” clan by speaking out.

The Kampala sun had written that Santa Anzo was one of those Ugandan ladies who are too independent for romance, perhaps trying to show that she was a rabid feminist of sorts.

And like Ngugu Wa Thiong’o in his book; Santa Anzo proudly came out to proclaim that she would marry when she wants, and made it clear that for now, she’s hooked to her work.

Wow! I woke up to this! The Kampala sun, a local tabloid has me gracing their cover with this bold headline. Apparently someone is pissed at my marital status continuing to read SINGLE! 2years in a row this tabloid has made my “independence” their corporate business. The last time the headline read…”successful, beautiful BUT UNLUCKY” insinuating that we are a cursed lot! Now to this tabloid and all that have been sending me glances from the tail of their eyes, as well those inboxing sympathetic messages (btw l find these pitiful therefore not for me!) may it warm your hearts to know that l choose this! Ours is a world of choices, you decide what you want to be, and we certainly choose who we wish to marry, when we wish to marry them and how we wish to marry them! As l live my bliss, l must say that i have alot of respect for the institution of marriage BUT for now this is me, and l read WORK! WORK & WORK this is ofcourse punctuated with lots of lovey-doveyiness with the world’s bestest niece and my burly burly burly sweeeet and gentle border collie. I choose to live this AWESOMELY BLESSED life of mine on my own terms, if you can’t respect it, you can’t get in! If you can’t fit in, you got to get out! for this is the real deal! From a place of love.xxx”

Well, Santa Anzo don’t worry about not having a man to get married to when the time comes, we have the happily aging and single men like James Onen aka Fatboy.

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