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Why you will fall in love with the TECNO Spark 3



By Staff Writer

The new TECNO Spark 3 series smartphone is indeed one of the best products from TECNO; speaking from hands-on engagement and experience with it and this is because of its advanced functionality and improved features it bears as compared with its predecessors i.e TECNO Spark 2 and 2 pro). Truthfully, the TECNO Spark 3 series is absolutely a work of art taking into account of its trendy and classy look with a glossy finish at the back.

But before we jump into the functionality of the phone, let’s explore the basic features every smartphone should possess and well the TECNO Spark 3 seems to tick all the boxes. Be it from Music to relax yourself entertainment wise killing boredom, it has a big storage capacity of up to 16GB as compared to its previous versions, provision of contacts section, calendar, alarm, mail, news on Scooper, a place to share memories and a place to follow worldly trends by using FB & INSTA and Twitter respectively for social media lovers and oh the Storage gives you a leeway to have your favorite apps like Snapchat and off course enough space to store all your photos, videos, music to mention but a few. The AI cameras which not only makes amateur photos appear like they have been captured by an expert but also permits the capture of beautiful photos thus lighting up your memories and moments.

A photo taken using the TECNO Spark 3

Performance wise, So far I have not experienced any kind of Lag or stutter in the performance and execution of applications. In summary, all these features embedded in this phone are the source of prevalent subconscious happiness and this is the overall justification of my love for my TECNO Spark 3.

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