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Why the lady in Kategere Sextape is not Hon. Baroda Kayanga.



By Isanga Brian

With the ever growing malice and social media misuse, We should all be alert and Disregard the FAKE news that circulates very fast.

Having jumped into the Race of Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament as a replacement of her late mother (RIP), i knew she had entered a dirty game (Politics) but with good intentions for the people who entrusted Late Rehema Watongola when that constituency was created, after a landslide victory over Salaamu Musumba in 2016.

At 26years, Hon. Baroda is a married Muslim lady with a breastfeeding baby boy who will turn One Year very soon.

Having seen the video with a seemingly smaller lady in that video, way smaller than Hon. Baroda Kayanga Watongola, I wondered why someone would body shame such an innocent lady like that. With her small back and no face shown, this is the worst cooked up story to put someone down Politically.

The lady in that video is not Hon. Baroda Kayanga Watongola. As a person who has known her over the years, those who studied with her will tell you about her big weight just like her late mother (Rehema Watongola, RIP). I would rather urge us to Unite for a better cause that Childish cheap Politics.

Let’s cease and desist from taking in FAKE NEWS with the ever growing misuse of social media for defamation.

Isanga Brian is a blog writer, analyst and Media PR.

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