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Why the Drugs Trend is Growing in Uganda?



By Staff Writer

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I was talking to a group of friends and I told them; “drugs is the most underrated trend at the moment. It is just a matter of time before they become the norm and have businesses and all forms of products around them.”

One of the easiest things to get in this country for example is marijuana. What if it gets legalized and becomes something you could buy over the pharmacy counter? Maybe just a matter of time before you find a marijuana flavoured juice or milk on your supermarket shelf.

The other market that will soon be exploding is the psychedelic space. These are drugs that produce altered states of consciousness. We are talking DMT, we are talking mushrooms, we are talking LSD. As people become more lonely in the big world, as they achieve their material goals, they will be looking for escapes, for more meaning out of life. Basically put, they will want to awaken or self-actualize in some space.

So getaways are going to be a growing concern. Basically trips that give people a 3 day immersion. Just a matter of time before one evening concerts become outdated. The search for more means people will be trying out different things. So you will see an explosion of yoga, and all things meditation. And at that point psychedelics will come in.

The third wave of drugs is in the academic and work space. At Harvard and Stanford, students made a discovery about smart drugs. Originally you have drugs that are prescribed for people with attention deficit disorder aka ADD. Now it turns out that when a normal person takes the same drugs, they just get smarter. You are talking nootropics such as Adderall and Modafinil.

With the rise in depression, anti-depressants will just boom. Again people will default to marijuana in some form. Maybe in cookies, maybe in cupcakes. Or they will get more anti-depressants off the counter.

Finally comes the body-building movement. So steroids are gonna be a big thing. Things such as creatine will be top of mind. There is a whole lot of business to be built around the muscular generation.

Bottom line is you cannot underestimate this field. Drugs are going to build their own serious industry and value chains. You can watch the space. I suspect they will soon offer drug farming licenses.

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