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Why Goodlyfe did not turn Up for the Battle



Radio WeaselBy Ian Ortega

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For those who turned up at Resort Beach Entebbe to witness the tie-breaker battle show that would leave us with the ultimate winner, they were treated to a shock after Goodlyfe failed to show up on stage. BigEye.ug has dug deeper and reveals reasons why this happened.

1. Goodlyfe had lost their voices
According to a source in the Goodlyfe camp, “Radio was the first to lose his voice on Friday and he was not able to recover it, we had no option but to forego the final battle.” Apparently Weasle could not do much to save Radio’s voice. Because of losing his voice, the Goodlyfe was forced to stop their show some time before police stopped the battle and went off to rest.

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2. Bebe Cool broke the agreement
Apparently, the rival camps of Gagamel and Goodlyfe had agreed that since it’s difficult to sing live just a day after Friday, they should do CD crooning come Sunday. The two parties agreed to it, only for Bebe Cool to change his mind at the last minute saying he’s going to do it live. Goodlyfe insisted on CDs while Bebe Cool insisted on using his live band. It should be noted that Goodlyfe had not appeared with their band, thus could not sustain a live performance. It’s at this juncture that Goodlyfe called off their performance and refused to step on stage.

This means that Bebe Cool is the ultimate winner of the battle who played his cards well. The fool finally fooled two other fools. So, we thus declare Bebe Cool as the winner of the Battle of Champions 2013.


Weasle; Bwahahahahahhahahaah­aaaaaaaaa….
Radio; Kati gwe ojinikka ki???
Weasle; Tetuba kuduka Ogusaja gubaadde gututa…..bwahahaha­aaaaa
Radio; Gwe tika nyo aganyo nga ne kikulu kyo kyatudde side yaffe kyoka obwedda ekisaja bwekiyimba nga akiwagiirra
Weasle; gwakusinze, nze nakugambbye tetuyimba nyimba ziimuvuma nga camila gwe nogaana…
Radio; Kati twaliyimbyeki okimanyi Ogusaja gulina enyimba mpitirivu kyoka gukambwe ku Live
Weasle; Bwahahhahahaahaaa mbwagwe wali wepika nti oja kumalako.
Radio; Nyoko obweda kyekikugaana okuyimba nowogana buwoganyi
Weasle; Ate toomanyira, gwe obweda nga ofulatinga….laba osakadde nolulobozi…..
Radio; Mwana dyo lifudde era ku. sunday simanyi oba nasobola okuyimba kuba sagala kudamu kuswala mmubawagiizi
Jeff Kiwa; Gwe no Radio weesiliwaze, ate musilike sagala kumpoganira mumaze nokweswaza.


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