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Who Killed Desire? Frank Gashumba shares some clues.




Frank Gashumba shares insights on how the murder of a one Desire Mirembe was allegedly orchestrated by her supposed lover. Desire, who was a student at Makerere Uni. was murdered in cold blood and her body dumped in Lugazi. Here is what Frank Gashumba posted:

“This is very strange, very shocking and its a WAKE UP CALL to all of us. Desire Mirembe a 2nd year student of Makerere University , our girl who was slaughtered and her body recovered from Kawolo Sugar Plantation, the number one Prime Suspect in this shocking murder is her so called “boyfriend” a 4th year Makerere University Student by the name of Matthew Kirabo. Those who attended the vigil in Makindye and those who attended the burial in Kalungu, i assured mourners that if it means tying ourselves on a moving insect we shall do as long as it will lead us to the murderer.

I will share with Ugandans the details on this murder, how he planed this murder, how he executed it and how he tried to cover up the murder, the small clue is that he spiked her drink with a drug And for you young girls, aged between 18 and 25 years and to parents of this generation, i will be live on 87.9 Akaboozi on Monday 3rd August From 9:15 am and i will be sharing with Ugandans what we can do to prevent such murders and remember last week on my post regarding Desire’s post, i requested Ugandans to start asking tough questions like Who Killed Desire? Was the murderer alone? Now we know a lot about this so called boyfriend and the more voices on who killed Desire, the more she will get justice.

How can someone kill an innocent, pretty young and ambitious girl!!!!

Desire is gone, she cant fight for her rights, it has to be us.”

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