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Which players should leave Real Madrid next Season



By Staff Writer

After many winning seasons, Real Madrid are in danger of ending the 2021/21 season without a title.

Despite competing in the Spanish league point-to-point with Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, the elimination in the Champions League semifinal for Chelsea showed that changes are necessary.

With that in mind, we have prepared a list of the players who are likely to leave the merengue team at the end of the season.

You can bet on which players will leave or not by the end of the season, and taking our list into consideration should be a good start!

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Now let’s get to the actual list!

Sergio Ramos

One of the most important names of this winning generation of Real Madrid, defender Sergio Ramos, has not yet signed a new contract.

If both parties do not reach a new agreement, the Spanish veteran will leave the club free of charge – as his bond will only last until June this year. It will be a great loss for the merengue team, without a doubt.


In January of this year, the player’s father talked to Real Madrid officials about his son’s desire to leave the club. The main reason would be the desire to get more minutes on the pitch, something that has not been achieved in the Blancos.

Being underused by coach Zidane, it is quite possible that Isco will find a new club next season. He is talented and will certainly not find it difficult to find interested teams.

Eden Hazard

A lot is said about Eden Hazard, as the Belgian has not been showing his best football this season, leaving many Real fans uncomfortable with the value of his salary.

According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, Hazard is no longer part of Real Madrid’s plans for next season. In the team since 2019 – after being hired for an incredible amount of 115 million euros – he only scored 4 goals for Real Madrid. This is certainly enough reason that the team no longer wants to count on him.

However, the great market value of the athlete can be an obstacle to his departure, since few clubs currently on the European scene have enough money to hire him.

Raphael Varane

The French defender’s contract comes to an end next year and he has not given a positive signal to the proposals made by the club for both to sign a new contract.

In addition, we all know how Varane is a valuable defender in the ball market. With that, it is possible that the Madrid team will choose to sell him in order to use the amount received to make new signings in the next transfer window.

It may be a good deal, since the Merengue team certainly needs new reinforcements.


The Brazilian defender who has been with Real Madrid since 2007 is also expected to leave the club. And that happens for a few reasons.

The main one is certainly the fact that he has been little used in the starting lineup, which for a player of Marcelo’s level is quite uncomfortable. In addition, there is also the salary factor. The left-back has a gross salary of 16 million euros per season, which is a lot of money.

His departure would relieve the merengue team’s coffers and still give him the opportunity to go to a team that values his talent.

Zinedine Zidane

Although not yet defined, many Spanish newspapers claim that the Real Madrid locker room is already certain that the French coach will leave the club at the end of the season.

When he joined the merengue team for the first time, Zidane surprised many football critics and won many titles. This, however, did not happen in the 2020/21 season, in which he lived ups and downs while managing the team.

Because of the poor performance this season, Zidane’s relationship with club officials would be worn, according to the newspapers. If the La Liga title does not come, the French manager will probably not be in charge of the Real Madrid squad for the next season.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to these names mentioned earlier, which are more important, there are also some players that have not been used by coach Zidane and will probably leave the team next season. Are they:

  1. Odriozola
  2. Dani Ceballos
  3. Mariano Diaz
  4. Luka Jovic

Some of them may go on loan if Real Madrid can’t find potential buyers, as Odriozola did last season when he was loaned to Bayern Munich.

Either way, these players are unlikely to be part of Real Madrid’s squad next season.


Due to the season considered disastrous, it is clear that Real Madrid needs changes.

It is clear that a team will not win all the titles it always disputes, not least because football would be much less exciting if that happened. But for a team of the magnitude of Real Madrid, it is necessary to at least win a title this season.

This can still happen, with the Spanish championship, but it is not a guaranteed title yet. The last few rounds will decide what will happen in the future of the Merengue team.

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