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What is mob football?



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By Staff Writer

Mob football, also known as folk football or Shrovetide football, is a traditional and historical form of football. If you want to wager on the modern variation of the sport, visit the website 1xbet.ug – favourite sport betting for all is available.

It has been played in various parts of the world for centuries. It is characterized by large teams of players, often numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. They take part in a game that is played over a large area, such as a village, town, or city. The objective of the game is to advance the ball to a predetermined goal, which can be a specific location or a set of posts. Obviously, in the current form of the sport, the number of participants is far smaller, and you can make your favorite sport betting at 1xBet on great matches.

Origins and unintended consequences

The origins of mob football can be traced back to medieval Europe. Here it was played as a form of celebration or entertainment during festivals such as Shrovetide and Christmas. The games were often played in the streets and were not regulated by any official rules or organizations. Before waiting for festivities and great football matches, you can visit the www.1xbet.ug/slots/ and explore a wide selection of games.

In some places, the games were played by rival villages or towns, and could become quite violent, with injuries and even deaths not being uncommon. In other places, the games were more peaceful and were seen as a form of community celebration. Just like fans from those eras, current football followers can also be quite passionate about their sport, and the 1xBet website is the best platform to wager on it.

Some notable examples

One of the most notable examples of mob football is the Royal Shrovetide Football Match, which is played annually in the town of Ashbourne, England. The game has been played for centuries and is known for its large number of participants. The teams are made up of local residents and players from surrounding villages. The game is played over two days and covers a large area of the town, with the objective of getting the ball to goals located at opposite ends of the town. You can make your live sport bet from 1xbet.ug/live/ on matches of the traditional variation of the sport.

Another famous example of mob football is the Calcio Fiorentino, a form of football played in Florence, Italy, that has been played since the 16th century. Some of the most important features of this game include:

  • there are 27 players per team;
  • the field is divided in three distinct sections;
  • and its objective is to score goals, which is done by shooting a ball over a crossbar.

By the way, your live sports bet from the 1xBet website can also be used if you think you know who will score a goal.


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