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Weasel still tight-lipped about his shamba boy Cyrus’s assault story



By BigEyeUg Team

Goodlyfe Magic singer Weasel Manizo is yet open up on the viral story where he allegedly to have severely battered his former shamba boy Baker Kaweesi a.k.a Cyrus.

During his interview on local TV, Weasel affirmed his resistance to comment on Cyrus’s reports.

The “Ebyakabi” singer revealed that it was a simple misunderstanding not a bloody brawl like the media reported.

He laments that the media and Cyrus’s family over exaggerated the case forcing him to go dumb.

Weasel also promised to bring victimized Cyrus to the public to reveal the clear tale about the saga.

Sorry, we just got a simple misunderstanding. Social media just rushed to hype the entire story as it has often did. But we are fine. They stated their side of the story but I will keep mine. I will bring Cyrus himself to tell you what happened coz you know me very well, am not talkative as such. They talked but I kept quiet,” Weasel Manizo said.

When asked about the status of his relationship with Cyrus, Weasel revealed that it’s still intact than anyone else would ever imagine.

Our relationship is, brotherhood of mankind. You people will have to forgive us. Our friendship is too much, sometimes we have to fight, Yes……..friendly fighting,” he added.

In August, Weasel Manizo was accused of thumping Cyrus to point of hospitalization after almost 8years thriving together as close friends.

Cyrus’s family pleaded for medication support from Weasel and his family but all was in vain.

Days later, Cyrus’s family was prompted to file a case of assault against Weasel hence Police issuing an arrest notice for him.

After learning about the Police plans to arrest him, Weasel was forced on run for some good weeks.

However, all Cyrus’s family efforts to receive justice has since turned out stale with no crucial progress made by the Police force.

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