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Weasel Manizo falls out with Chagga again



By Badru Nsubuga

Musician Weasel Manizo is up in arms with Chagga again. Weasel accuses his now former manager Chagga Geoffrey of working with his enemies to see him fail, though he didn’t say no names.

“All friends turned enemies, God is watching you, and your fake love. You used to pretend to love me and my fallen brother….and now you’re plotting to see me lose. #WhereIsTheLove” said weasel.

Chagga Geoffrey amd your badmind friends think, thrice before aiming at me. I’m so strong like a lion. GOD BLESS YOU WITH MORE LOVE THAN HATE. #LifeGoesOn #BadmindKiller” He added.

However, according to Chagga, Weasel is so lazy that he bunks studio sessions, despising songs written for him, disrespects his manager, and acts like a boss all the time, yet he’s just helping him.

On hearing this, Weasel called Chagga mad and insane, that he should be taken to Butabika for menfal evaluation.

By the look of things, these two won’t make up again, like the last time.

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