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We dream that Nigeria can become like Uganda, Lambert replies Bobi Wine who is embarrassing Uganda in Nigerian media



By Reporter

Black Wall street leader Charles N Lambert known for his pan African dream has hit at Bobi Wine for decampaiging Uganda to the rest of Africa. Following the arrest of 2 Nigerian artistes for defying Covid-19 SOPs, Bobi Wine in his Facebook post, Charles Lambert has hit back. The Nigerian born also stated that unlike Bobi Wine, he has been to Nigeria and can confirm Nigeria was a far worse country than Uganda and that Nigeria wants to be as free as Uganda.

He posted “This guy is desperate. If you are Nigerian and come to Uganda and misbehave, you follow law due process.

If Uganda is as lawless as he claims and ‘Organized Orders’ is not suitable for Africa, he should go live in Nigeria with it’s current system for only few months.

Uganda is the only country in Africa that Okada ( boda boda )sleeps on his bike and you can wake him at 2AM and he takes you anywhere. Safer than the US, only comparable to the Scandinavian in security.

If Uganda can be anything like Nigeria, I will be the first one to run away from here. Our vision is to make Nigeria like Uganda.”

Nigrian top News portal Punch Newspaper ran a story.

Charles Lambert has criticised the technic used by the Presidential candidate to decampaign Uganda as a country while she should be promoting and selling it to the rest of the world if he wished Uganda and Ugandans well.

The Punch has noted that Bobi Wine posted “There is no rule of law in Uganda. This country runs on orders from a small circle of oppressors who dispense orders that are implemented without question. There’s absolutely no reason why our brothers should still be detained yet their concert was under police watch #FreeOmahLay,” something Lambert and Ugandans have disputed.

Lambert in his statement notes that for a presidential candidate to talk about his country in tbis manner to other states is selling it out and cutting ties therefore not a good leader who wishes the best for his country.

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