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Vivian Tendo speaks out on violent relationships



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By BigEyeUG Writer

Ugandan passionate young artiste Vivian Tendo has spoken out about violent relationships

In an interview with STV’s Fifi Parker, Vivian revealed that she has never been in any violence with a man and that she would never wish to get involved in any.

“I really cannot stand a man who fights. I feel like it is one way a man can ever disrespect a woman. If I dated a man and I found them violent, I would move on immediately.”

The route entertainment artiste also stressed that she loves herself so much that she would never let anyone hurt her.

She went on to reveal that as the restrictions on concerts, she will keep on releasing and uploading music to keep her fans entertained.

Vivian has gained fame in a very short time something that has come with a lot of critisms and rumors.

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