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Vision Voice Africa partners with Ugandan NGOs to fight Human Trafficking



By Reporter

Vision Voice for Africa (VVAF), an organization based in Malaysia but founded by a Nigerian has come to Uganda. The organization that is championed by Okwunwanne Mmaduka has partnered with Ugandan organisations like Alice Foundation for Human Rights (AFHR), Equality Uganda, Wezi, Kystal Hands Foundation and Mazungumzo.

The launch of VVAF launch in Uganda took place at Grand Global Hotel in Makerere and in partnership with the 5 local organisations, they will continue the fight against Human Trafficking. According to Mr Okwunwanne Mmaduka the Chairman of VVAF, human trafficking, sex trafficking, modern slavery and all illegal forms of migration should stop.“Slave trade is a battle that was fought many years ago and was won by our great grandparents but todate, it was been replaced by sex trafficking, illegal migration and other migration challenges among others” Okwunwanne. He went on to say that the importance of the campaign is to raise awaireness among victims, Governments, Civil society and the private sector. The campaign also seeks to build cooperation with all stakeholders to harness a network of people, professionals working against abhorrent vices.

Mr Okwunwanne also commended President Museveni for his speech during the commemoration of the 2021 Labour Day celebrations where he condemns labour exports. Okwunwanne quoted President Museveni saying, “For me, I don’t believe in Labour export. Countries that externalize labour are countries that have missed something. I have proof. I have never seen South Koreans exporting labour, the only South Korean I have seen is Ban Ki-moon. South Korea is half the size of Uganda but you don’t see them. Me I am now for the south Korean approach.”

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