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Video: Barbie Kyagulanyi shares recipe for making local delicacy



Barbie Kyagulanyi has shared a recipe for making a local delicacy called eshabwe (white sauce). She shared a video on social media showing how to make the sauce along with the ingredients needed. She posted:

“Always an honour making Ghee sauce (Eshabwe) for traditional ceremonies back home..Ghee sauce is rich in fats, vitaminB, vitaminC and B12 that can’t be found in vegetables..
What you need to make Eshabwe.
1. A pinch of rock salt
2. Boiled water
3. A kilo of ghee
Wash the ghee in cold water to remove impurities, mix a pinch of salt in cold boiled water. Add the mixture to the ghee as you stir until ghee changes colour from yellow to white..Enjoy”

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